Website scraping allows businesses to gather valuable data from various online sources. This process involves extracting information from websites to analyze trends, monitor competitors, or collect leads. By using specialized tools and techniques, companies can efficiently harvest large volumes of data, enabling them to make informed decisions and stay competitive in their industry.

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Browse AI is a data extraction and monitoring tool that can scrape structured data, emulate user interactions, extract data on a schedule, handle pagination, solve captchas, and integrate with over 7,000 applications. It enables users to run up to 50,000 robots simultaneously, simulate user actions, and automatically adjust to website layout changes. The platform offers several plans, each with varying features suitable for different needsโ€”from basic to enterprise-level use cases. Some of the popular data extraction sources include LinkedIn, ProductHunt, Yelp, and various eCommerce and job listing sites. The service is designed for ease of use, claiming that users can learn it in just 5 minutes.
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