Generate Business Ideas involves brainstorming and developing innovative concepts for starting or expanding a business. These ideas can range from new products and services to unique business models and market opportunities. The goal is to create a viable plan that meets market needs, solves problems, and has the potential for profitability and sustainable growth.

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ValidatorAI is a tool designed to assist budding entrepreneurs on their startup journey. This AI-powered tool offers a customisable startup accelerator program, providing users with a daily task roadmap in line with their personal goals and ideas. It also has the ability to validate startup ideas, offering insights into different aspects such as marketing, customer development and competition. For those without a concrete startup idea, ValidatorAI can also generate one. In addition to these features, users are provided with an AI chatbot mentor to guide them through each step of the process. ValidatorAI is accessible to anyone without the need for applications or involvement in cohorts.
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