Choosing the right technology to drive legal practice is paramount given the complexity of law. In the digital era, artificial intelligence (AI) plays a transformative role in reshaping how legal practitioners operate, simplify their tasks, and deliver value to their clients. In a legal arena, AI can take over numerous repetitive tasks like legal document analysis, contract management, and litigation prediction, which were traditionally labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Recognizing the potential of AI in revolutionizing law practice, from large law firms to solo practitioners, every legal professional needs tools to harness the power of AI. With an ever-evolving landscape of AI tools for lawyers, finding the precise fit can be cumbersome. Hence, we have curated this post to introduce you to the best AI tools for lawyers.

These tools can help you unlock efficiencies, reduce cost, and elevate your legal services. According to IBM’s annual poll of global IT senior decision-makers, AI adoption is growing steadily - in fact, 35% of companies reported using AI in their business today. That's a significant leap from just a year ago, with organizations being 13% more likely to have adopted AI in 2022 compared to 2021. A whopping 42% of companies report they are currently exploring AI, a figure that highlights the undeniable shift towards this transformative tech.

This guide aims to provide valuable insights that can help understand how AI tools can assist in law practice, irrespective of your familiarity with technological terms or AI. Get ready to optimize your daily legal practice operations with these leading AI tools.

1. Latch: Your Generative AI Contracting Assistant

Latch is an AI-powered contracting assistant that is designed to help legal teams reduce the time, effort, and cost spent towards negotiating agreements. This tool lives directly inside your Microsoft Word application, making it incredibly easy to use with little to no implementation required.

Key Features

Review Contracts: Latch analyzes your agreements and provides instant visibility into key risks. It assembles simple, plain-language checklists for every situation and offers explanations on why requirements have been met or not met, along with source references. You can also ask free-form questions about your contracts.

Modify Language: Latch can generate new redline language that preserves as much of the counterparty's language as possible while incorporating your legal positions. It can generate compromise language against your Clause Library and modify language with custom instructions. All generated suggestions are inserted directly into your document in track changes.

Summarize: Latch can generate instant summaries of your agreements. You can choose between different options for summary generation and add custom instructions for your summaries. It also supports long documents with hundreds of pages.

Trust and Security

Latch's SOC 2 Type 1 audit was performed by Johanson Group LLP, ensuring a high level of security and trust in the tool's operations.

‍2. LawGeex: Conquer Your Contracts with AI

LawGeex is an AI-powered contract review automation solution that is designed to help legal teams conquer their contracts. This tool uses patented AI technology to review and redline legal documents based on your predefined policies, saving you time and effort.

Key Features

Contract Review Automation: LawGeex is an industry-first solution that not only flags unacceptable or missing clauses but also understands the contractual context as well as your position. It makes redlines to the contract and negotiates with the counterparty – just like an experienced attorney, but with enhanced speed and accuracy.

Digital Playbook: LawGeex turns your positions, risks, and guidelines into digital legal playbooks to standardize how contracts are reviewed and negotiated across your organization. This ensures consistency across the board.

Artificial Intelligence: LawGeex combines patented technology with dedicated experts to provide an added layer of consistent, error-free review. This best-in-class approach to AI ensures you get the best out of artificial intelligence.

Analytics: LawGeex provides metrics and insights which quantify the return you’re getting on their partnership as well as the efficiency of your team. This helps you make more informed decisions about your legal policies while streamlining the negotiation process.

Trust and Security

LawGeex is trusted by Global 2000 companies across many business verticals including finance, insurance, technology, and health to handle their most confidential customer information. They have a range of tough measures in place to keep sensitive information secure.

Governance & Compliance: LawGeex is ISO/IEC-27001 certified, ensuring the highest enterprise levels of privacy and security.

Layered Security Architecture: LawGeex's cloud architecture follows a layered security approach, only allowing access to services through a strong distributed firewall and distributed denial of service defense. They constantly update their anti-virus and anti-malware services, and encrypt all data flowing in and out.

Data Isolation: LawGeex separates customer data and protects its access with strong passwords and multi-factor authentications.

These measures ensure that legal teams across the world can trust LawGeex to keep their contract data safe.

3. Legal Robot: AI-Powered Contract Analytics and Compliance Tools

Legal Robot is an AI-powered platform designed to simplify and streamline legal processes. This tool uses advanced AI technology to automatically extract key terms from contracts, find problems with legal style, definitions, and risky language, and translate legalese into plain language to improve comprehension and accessibility.

Key Features

Contract Analytics: Legal Robot automatically extracts key terms from contracts and identifies issues with legal style, definitions, and risky language. This feature allows you to quickly understand the key points of a contract and identify potential issues.

Legal Simplifier: Legal Robot translates complex legalese into plain language, making contracts more accessible and understandable. This feature is particularly useful for those without a legal background, as it demystifies the often confusing language found in legal documents.

Compliance Tools: Legal Robot provides tools to manage GDPR and DMCA requests, monitor website legal terms, and more. These features help ensure that your legal processes remain compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

Legal Graph Data: Legal Robot offers the ability to explore "what's market" with the largest public source of tagged and enriched contracts. This feature provides valuable insights into market trends and can help inform your legal strategies.

Trust and Security

At Legal Robot, security is a top priority. They understand that some of the most sensitive information is found in legal documents, and they have implemented a range of measures to ensure the security and privacy of their users.

Application Integrity: Legal Robot uses Open Source Software and controls the origin of such software rather than loading from a 3rd party Content Delivery Network (CDN). They serve various security headers and use several standard techniques to prevent the types of attacks that 3rd party origins expose.

Data Centers: Legal Robot hosts their services on reputable cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Digital Ocean. The data centers they use are all certified to SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, and PCI-DSS and all comply with EU-U.S. Privacy Shield as well as Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield.

Encrypted Data: Legal Robot never stores or sends passwords in clear text, they only store hashed and salted passwords. When you analyze a document with the Legal Robot App or website, sensitive data never leaves your device. The software performs the analysis right on your device, then encrypts everything using a key that only you have and stores your encrypted data in your preferred cloud storage account.

Encrypted Traffic: All data exchanged with their website or app is transmitted over a secure connection (aka Transport Layer Security, TLS). They take additional measures to ensure communication between their servers and your browser is trusted.

‍Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm new to AI. Do I need to have any specific knowledge or skills to use these AI tools?

Absolutely not! One of the beautiful aspects of the modern AI revolution is its focus on user-friendliness. These AI tools are designed to be intuitive and accessible, much like your everyday smartphone apps. You don't need any specific technical expertise to benefit from them. With a little exploration and curiosity, you'll be harnessing the power of AI in no time!

2. How do AI tools improve the efficiency of legal work?

AI tools utilize advanced techniques like natural language processing, machine learning, and predictive analytics to automate and streamline various legal tasks. They can scan and analyze massive amounts of data, such as case files, contracts, or legal precedents, in a fraction of the time it would take a human. These tools not only save time but also increase accuracy, making them invaluable aids in the legal landscape.

3. Are these AI tools costly? Can small legal firms or independent lawyers afford them?

While pricing varies across different tools, many of these AI solutions are quite affordable and offer flexible plans based on the size and needs of your practice. They are designed with scalability in mind - meaning they're accessible to both large legal firms and solo practitioners. Given the time and effort these tools can save, many find them to be a valuable investment in increasing their firm's efficiency and competitiveness.

Written by Alec Chambers

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