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Loopin is a cutting-edge AI meeting assistant, purpose-built to facilitate productive, structured meetings for teams. The tool is incredibly efficient, enabling users to upgrade their meetings with minimal effort. This is achieved through automated meeting summaries, a conversational-style chat during the meeting and tools to maintain meeting momentum.

Boasting advanced AI technology, Loopin transcribes meeting recordings and generates detailed meeting minutes, thereby giving you the freedom to focus on the conversation rather than on note-taking. Moreover, it has the capability to connect related meetings, bringing to light important meetings and notes when required. This feature allows for easy context-switching, which can be particularly beneficial when preparing for upcoming meetings.

The tool's user-friendly chat feature plays a significant role in preventing any details from slipping through the cracks. Instead of sitting through meetings only to be brought up to speed later or going through numerous meeting notes, one can simply ask Loopin AI for any information that they need to know. Furthermore, Loopin takes care of sharing meeting notes with the team automatically via email, Slack or Notion, catalyzing accountability within the team.

Seamless integration with everyday tools like Google Workspace, Zoom, Slack, Notion, and HubSpot, Loopin makes meetings more productive, efficient, and hassle-free. By saving time across tasks and using Loopin’s intuitive workflows, the tool ensures that redundancy is minimized and cooperation amongst remote teams is enhanced, ultimately accelerating workflows.

Loopin places a high premium on data privacy, presenting safe, reliable, and secure storage of important meeting minutes and notes. All the data is encrypted, both at rest and in transit, using SHA256 for optimum security. Users can sign up using their Google Workspace account, after which, they can join the meeting and start recording with just one click. Soon after the call, users can look forward to receiving human-grade meeting minutes. Besides, Loopin also facilitates the sharing of notes with the team and automates task reminders.

Loopin offers flexible pricing plans tailored to individuals and teams alike. The options range from a free tier suitable for light-weight meeting management to a custom pricing tier for large teams and companies looking for customized workflows, reporting, dedicated support, and custom contracts. With Loopin, meetings are no longer seen as time-consuming, but rather, as hubs of productivity where collaboration is fostered and action items are clearly defined, leading to overall work enhancement and seamless teamwork.


  • Advanced AI Technology: Utilizes cutting-edge AI technology for accurate transcription of meeting recordings and the generation of meeting minutes, so you can focus more on the discussion rather than note-taking.
  • Context Switching Capability: Resurfaces important meetings and related notes, helping prepare for upcoming meetings more efficiently and conveniently.
  • Stop Attending FYI Meetings: With Loopin AI's conversational-style chat feature, eliminate the need to attend meetings just for your information. Missed something important? Just ask Loopin AI.
  • Automated Sharing of Meeting Notes: Share notes automatically with the team via email, Slack or Notion - maintaining the meeting momentum and driving accountability without requiring the need for status update meetings.
  • Seamless Integration: Sync meetings from your workspace, join and start recording in one click, get context from recent emails in your meetings, share meeting notes directly on Slack, enhance remote collaboration with instant Zoom meetings and video recordings, sync meeting notes to your CRM, and organize your project documents on Notion.
  • Data Privacy: Loopin places the utmost importance on data privacy, with SHA256 encryption of data at rest and in transit with TLS.
  • Flexible Pricing: Plans built to suit everyone from individuals to large companies, offered with data privacy protections and efficient workflows to save time across tasks and channels. Free for light-weight meeting management, $12/month for individuals and small teams with meeting heavy workflows, $16/month for teams wanting a magical meeting experience, and Custom Pricing for large teams and companies who want customized workflows, reporting, dedicated support, and custom contracts.
  • Pricing

    • Loopin offers a free pricing plan for individuals who want lightweight meeting management. This plan includes 3 AI meeting summaries per month, 1-month meeting history, shared workspace, real-time collaboration, access on Desktop Web, Google Meet, and Zoom.
    • There is a $12 per month plan for individuals and small teams with meeting heavy workflows. This plan offers 15 AI meeting summaries, unlimited meeting history, meeting context with LoopinAI technology, calendar analytics, and access on Slack and other app integrations.
    • For teams looking for a magical meeting experience, there is a $16 per month plan. This plan includes 100 AI meeting summaries, AI chatbot for meeting knowledge, unlimited meeting history, calendar analytics, and access on Slack and other app integrations.
    • Large teams and companies can opt for a custom pricing plan that offers customized workflows, reporting, dedicated support, and custom contracts. This plan includes meeting access control, unlimited file storage, custom integrations, custom analytics and team reports, and priority support.
    • Loopin offers discounts for students and anyone who cannot afford their annual pricing.

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