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Juro- Features, Pricing & Use Cases

Juro provides a powerful AI-driven contract platform that is designed to accelerate the contract agreement process tenfold. Used by over 6,000 customers globally, Juro enables teams to streamline contracts efficiently and integrates seamlessly with over 5000 tools for a unified contracting experience. This platform allows users to create, approve, negotiate, and sign contracts using a native eSignature feature. In addition, it offers safe storage for all contracts and utilizes an AI Assistant to hasten the contract drafting and reviewing process.

A standout feature provided by Juro is its ability to customize based on user preference. The AI Assistant offers users quick drafting, summarizing and reviewing of contracts putting the control back into the user's hands. The platform's unique feature includes automatic contract reminders, ensuring deadlines are never missed. Contracts can be found instantly and securely stored, allowing for enhanced organizational abilities. The platform also integrates contract workflows with core platforms, maintaining control while expediting agreement pace.

Recognizing the importance of integration, Juro offers connectivity with commonly used tools, enabling a streamlined contract agreement process. Other noteworthy features include secure online negotiation, native electronic signatures on any device, and automatic contract reminders. Juro provides a flexible pricing plan accommodating to every business, with an enterprise option that offers custom packages to cater to scaling businesses with growing contract volumes.

Backed by its advanced features and drive to increase business productivity and efficiency, Juro is an affordable and trusted tool that is transforming the way contracts are managed in organizations, causing them to agree faster. With its ease of use and collaborative approach, it is widely adopted and appreciated amongst various company departments and stakeholders worldwide.


  • AI-Driven Contract Platform: Enables 10x faster agreement and management of contracts. The unified platform eliminates complexity and streamlines contracts for every team.
  • 5000+ Integration Tools: Seamlessly integrate Juro with over 5000 tools, for the optimal utilization of the contract platform.
  • Impressive Customer Testimonials: Trusted by over 6,000 customers with rave reviews about excellent contract automation, reduced admin time, ease of use, and top-notch customer service.
  • Speedy Contract Creation: Draft, create and approve contracts in seconds, eliminating unnecessary delays and promoting efficiency.
  • eSignature feature: Sign contracts with native eSignature, a secure and quick way to finalize contracts from any device.
  • Organized Contract Storage: Easily store and find contracts in a well-organized workspace. Never miss a contract renewal deadline with automated reminders.
  • Contracts within CRM: Conveniently agree to contracts without leaving your CRM system thereby saving time and enhancing contract management.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans: Offers a range of affordable plans designed to fit every businessโ€™ requirements. Also, provides custom plan options for specific needs.


  • Juro offers flexible plans for every business need and size. Their "Essentials" plan is perfect for small startups looking to automate routine contracts. It offers unlimited users, workflows, and templates.
  • The "Growth" plan is designed for teams that need to integrate contract workflow. It also offers unlimited users, workflows, and templates along with additional advanced features.
  • The "Enterprise" plan is made for scaling companies with growing contract volumes. It comes with unlimited users, workflows, templates and the ability to create custom packages for specific business needs.
  • Pricing details for each plan are available upon request. Juro also offers annual plans, which can be billed monthly or annually. Discounts for multi-year deployments are available depending on your requirements.
Last Updated
July 5, 2024 17:07

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