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Hemingway App is an innovative writing tool powered by AI, designed to streamline your writing process and enhance readability by up to 0%. Embraced by numerous users all around the globe, Hemingway App rewords complex sentences, offers simpler alternatives for wordy phrases, and helps writers maintain an engaging and genuine style across multiple languages, including English (US), German, French, Spanish, and more.

Hemingway's distinctive features cater to the unique needs of each user. The tool identifies hard-to-read and overly complicated sentences, weak language use, spelling and grammatical errors. Moving beyond basic grammar checks, Hemingway App provides instant suggestions to refine your text, ensuring your final draft reads naturally and conveys the intended meaning efficiently.

Other notable features of Hemingway App include a words count tool and the ability to save/load files and work offline, which makes the platform a useful tool for both online and offline writing. Hemingway offers a free plan with access to basic features, and premium plans starting as low as $10 USD per month. The premium plans include adjustable AI sentences, control over dark mode, an option to change the target reading level, and much more.

With its versatile features and commitment to making the writing process more readable and engaging, Hemingway App stands as a trusted writing tool for students, writers, and professionals globally.


  • AI-Powered Rewriting Tool: Hemingway Editor Plus rewrites wordy sentences, fixes grammar, tones and lengths, making your writing sound like you.
  • Grammar and Spelling Corrections: Hemingway Editor Plus helps find grammar and spelling issues, saving time with instant suggestions to rewrite wordy sentences, weak phrases, and passive voice.
  • Adjust Tone and Style: Hemingway Editor Plus allows you to adjust the tone, length, and style of your writing using artificial intelligence. It offers eight predefined style modes for your convenience.
  • Secure Editor: Your privacy is safe with Hemingway Editor Plus. The company promises not to sell your data, use it for advertisement, or let others use it to train an AI.
  • Free Trial: Try Hemingway Editor Plus for free up to a 14-day period. Get up to 200 sentence corrections without needing a credit card.
  • Cost-effective Plans: Hemingway Editor Plus offers different individual and team plans, providing instant suggestions to rewrite wordy sentences, control dark mode and gives readability grade level scoring among other features.
  • Trusted by Renowned Sources: Endorsed by The New Yorker, Hemingway Editor Plus is trusted by many for its comprehensive editing capabilities.


  • Hemingway Editor Plus offers three pricing plans: the Individual 5K Plan at $10 USD per month (or $8.33 per month if paid annually upfront), the Individual 10K Plan at $15 USD per month (or $12.50 per month if paid annually upfront), and the Team 10K Plan at $15 USD per user per month (or $12.50 per user per month if paid annually upfront). The free version of Hemingway Editor is also available with unlimited highlights for wordiness and weak language, readability grade level scoring but does not suggest corrections with AI.
  • Individual 5K Plan includes 5,000 AI sentences per month, unlimited advanced grammar fixes, instant fixing of wordy and unclear sentences, control of tone, length, and style, and import/export file capabilities.
  • With the Individual 10K Plan, you get double the number of AI sentences (10k per month), with all the features included in the Individual 5K Plan.
  • The Team 10K Plan allows managing multiple licenses on one bill, with each user receiving 10,000 AI sentences per month and all other premium features. The Free Plan identifies issues but does not provide AI corrections.

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