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Dream by WOMBO is a revolutionary AI art tool, turning simple descriptions into unique pieces of artwork in mere seconds. Named Google's Best Overall App of 2022 and featured at the 2023 Consumer Electronics (CES) show, Dream has over 10 million downloads and maintains a highly rated user score of 4.8 out of 5 in the App Store.

By providing just a brief outline such as "Rainbow fairy" or "UFO lifting cows", users can tap into billions of creative possibilities. Select an art style of your liking - ranging from bright and colorful to dark and dreary, and see your imagination come to life. The tool also gives you the option to generate multiple variations of each creation, offering a broader scope of interpretation and choicess.

Dream's premium plan, available at a substantial discount, provides extra art styles, priority support in the Wombo Dream Discord community, and the ability to save your artwork as a video to share with your friends and family. Now, with Dream, you can bypass the physical barriers of traditional art supplies and become an artist at your convenience, on any iOS or Android device.

With Dream's commitment to make art creation accessible and fun, it's a fantastic and affordable tool cherished by millions worldwide. Start your artistic journey with a lifetime subscription to Dream by WOMBO AI Art Tool's premium plan, available for a limited period at only $49.99.


  • AI Art Creation: Turn your imagination into reality and create artwork in seconds with Dream by WOMBO. It features a wide range of art styles and themes to choose from, ensuring a unique piece for every concept you come up with.
  • Effortless Design: No need for expensive art supplies or physical space, Dream lets you create art with just a few clicks, making it accessible and convenient for everyone.
  • Premium Plan Benefits: Upgrade to Premium and enjoy additional features like extra art styles, three generated variations for each art piece and the ability to save as a video.
  • Highly Rated and Recognized: Dream has over 10 million downloads, was named Google’s Best Overall App of 2022 and carries a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on the App Store.
  • System Compatibility: Available for iOS and Android devices, ensuring you can create art whenever and wherever you are.
  • Affordable Price: Get a lifetime subscription to Dream's premium plan for only $49.99, a significant drop from its original price of $169.99.


  • The Dream by WOMBO AI Art Tool is available for a limited time at a discounted price of $50 (reg. $170).
  • A lifetime subscription is available for just $49.99 (reg. $169.99) until March 7.
  • The Premium Plan offers additional features like extra art styles, a supporter role in the Wombo Dream Discord, three generated variations for each art piece, and saving as a video to share.

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