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Alli AI delivers a robust AI-powered SEO automation and management platform utilized across the globe to optimize, streamline, and deploy comprehensive SEO strategies effectively. With a suite of powerful tools, Alli AI enables users to manage their SEO campaigns, minimizing the need for extensive coding or developer assistance.

Distinctive features of Alli AI include Real-Time Deployment to execute instant code changes, Automated OnPage SEO to bring about multiple high-volume changes quickly, and Customizable Automations to tailor SEO strategies according to the website's unique requirements. Advancement in features such as Self-Adjusting Algorithms keeps users abreast with SEO best practices and algorithm updates, while the implementation of structured data and internal link creation is simplified via features like Schema Markup and Interlinks Automation respectively.

Alli AI also comes with a comprehensive dashboard for SEO management allowing changes from one interface, compatibility with multiple CMS, along with tools for real-time verification and detailed SEO checklist as key additional features. Its user-friendly design and real-time modification mode enhance its usability, making it a go-to platform for users.

Alli AI offers different pricing plans, starting from $299 USD per month, each offering an array of benefits including handling multiple client websites, AI-powered descriptions, title generation, keyword rankings update, page crawls, and API access. It also provides additional services at nominal costs such as extra site access, keywords, and pages. Alli AI's platform is well-regarded for boosting organic traffic, efficient campaign management and time-saving automated SEO tasks - an all-encompassing SEO automation tool.

Intuitive and easy to install, Alli AI enables users to customize automations and optimize across any CMS in real-time, making SEO management a breeze. Recognized for its automation prowess, Alli AI ensures enterprise-level security and support, thereby emerging as a highly trusted and reliable platform for SEO consultants, agencies, and professionals alike.


  • AI-Powered SEO Automation: Alli AI offers real-time deployment and automated OnPage SEO, allowing thousands to millions of code and content changes in minutes. Customizable automations and self-adjusting algorithms adapt to SEO best practices and algorithm updates, with schema markup and interlinks automation for ease of use.
  • Comprehensive SEO Management: Dashboard management enables edit, automation, and deployment from a single interface, alongside real-time verification and multi-CMS compatibility. The platform also offers a detailed OnPage SEO checklist for 2024.
  • Benefits: Alli AI has proven to boost organic traffic, streamline campaign management, save time and cut costs, deploy SEO changes instantly, and scale SEO efforts effortlessly.
  • Customer Testimonials: Positive reviews highlight significant improvements in organic traffic, efficient SEO management, high keyword rankings, and an enjoyable SEO experience.
  • Pricing Plans: Alli AI offers Scale, Agency, and Enterprise plans to cater to various user needs and budgets, along with Extra Services Pricing for additional sites, keywords, and pages.
  • Getting Started: Installation is quick and simple, with no developer required. Customize automations and optimize across any CMS, approve and deploy changes in real time, with US-based phone, email, and ticket support included in all plans.


  • The Scale Plan charges $299 per month and accommodates 5 sites and 5 team members, with an allowance of 500 keywords, 1,250 pages, 2,500 keyword rankings updates, and 7,500 page crawls. Additional metadata and JSON-LD schemas beyond the included quantities are charged at $0.01-$0.02 each, while extra sites, keywords, and pages are available starting from $39.00 per site, $24.99 per 100 keywords, and $14.99 per 250 pages.
  • Agency Plan costs $599 monthly, covers 15 sites and 15 team members, and supports up to 2,000 keywords, 5,000 pages, 8,000 keyword rankings updates, and 30,000 page crawls. The cost of extra metadata and JSON-LD schemas remains the same, while the prices for extra sites, keywords, and pages start from $29.00 per site, $14.99 per 100 keywords, and $9.99 per 250 pages.
  • The Enterprise Plan has a monthly price of $1,199, enabling management of 50 sites and 50 team members with a capacity for 5,000 keywords, 20,000 pages, 20,000 keyword rankings updates, and 120,000 page crawls. While the rate for metadata remains constant, JSON-LD schemas are cheaper at $0.01 each. Additional sites, keywords, and pages are also most cost-effective in this plan starting from $19.00 per site, $9.99 per 100 keywords, and $4.99 per 250 pages.

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