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hireEZ- Features, Pricing & Use Cases

hireEZ is an all-inclusive talent acquisition software with robust functionality powered by advanced AI. Encompassing sourcing, CRM, analytics, and automation, the platform sources top-tier candidates, enables interaction, matches suitable applicants, and manages talent effectively. Used globally, hireEZ's core competencies lie in AI Sourcing, CRM and Talent Pools, Analytics and Automation making it a go-to solution for efficient recruitment.

The platform's AI sourcing offers an intelligent search for talent across the web and internal ATS, as well as AI-generated personalized outreach across various channels. The CRM and Talent Pools feature allows the assessment of candidate interest and candidate nurturing. hireEZ also incorporates tools to streamline the recruitment process, including a dynamic career site greatly enhancing the candidate experience. With its analytics and automation, the platform supports data-driven recruiting strategies and automates candidate engagement.

Integrating seamlessly with a variety of ATS and CRM systems, and productivity-enhancing tools such as email, calendar, and Slack, hireEZ provides a consolidated and scalable recruiting solution. The platform is offered in multiple pricing plans suitable for startups, small businesses, and professional recruitment needs, starting from $169 USD per user per month. Additional offerings include access to hireEZ's extensive talent database, a LinkedIn sourcing plugin, and a dedicated sourcer.

With its AI-fueled functionality and commitment to revolutionizing the recruitment process, hireEZ is a reliable and efficient tool that is trusted by businesses worldwide, making recruitment seamless and productive.


  • AI Sourcing: Employ AI-powered candidate search to source the best talent across the open web and internal ATS. Create AI-generated, personalized outreach campaigns across various channels.
  • CRM & Talent Pools: Assess and nurture talent based on recommendations with intelligent talent pools. Enhance candidate experience through dynamic career site features.
  • Analytics & Automation: Implement data-driven recruitment strategies with insights, analytics, and robust reporting. Automate engagement with candidates using AI for increased efficiency and response rates.
  • Startups Package: Featuring basic sourcing and CRM functionalities, this plan is suited for startups and small businesses. Starts from $169 per user/month.
  • Professional Package: Enjoy enhanced functionalities for more comprehensive recruitment needs, starting from $199 per user/month.
  • Amplify Plan: A full-service solution at $549 per user/month that includes email & ATS integrations, LinkedIn sourcing plugin, hireEZ talent database access, and dedicated sourcer.
  • Integrations: Integrate seamlessly with your existing tech stack as well as productivity tools to consolidate activities and boost team efficiency.
  • Resources: Benefit from educational content, strategy guides, videos, and more through the Blog and Learning Lounge. Receive effective training and resources via the EZ Academy.
  • Get Started: Book a demo or sign up for a free trial or suitable plan to explore and experience hireEZ capabilities.


  • The Startups Package for hireEZ is targeted towards SMBs and starts at $169 per user/month. It offers basic sourcing and CRM functionalities suitable for startups and small businesses.
  • The Professional Package offered by hireEZ starts at $199 per user/month. This plan offers enhanced functionalities for a more comprehensive set of recruitment needs.
  • The Amplify Plan by hireEZ is a full-service talent sourcing solution that costs $549 per user/month. It offers Email & ATS integrations, LinkedIn sourcing plugin, access to the hireEZ talent database, support from a US-based success team, and a dedicated sourcer. Annual payments can save users 20% on the total cost.
Last Updated
July 5, 2024 17:08

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