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Making waves all over the globe, ChatPDF is an innovative tool for students, researchers, and professionals alike. With its advanced AI capabilities, this platform allows users to interact with and understand their PDFs in a whole new way. It effectively simplifies the task of uncovering in-depth information within vast PDF files. ChatPDF not only supports multiple documents simultaneously but also assists users by citing sources and offering its services in any language. Users can simply click to select and drop their PDFs onto the platform to engage in an informative dialogue.

The key to ChatPDF’s effectiveness is its ability to understand and answer questions in any language. This multilingual functionality allows users to upload a PDF in one language and ask questions in another. The system initiatively presents the greeting message in the PDF’s language and proceeds to answer in the language of the user's queries. If the answers are not presented in the preferred language, users can conveniently request ChatPDF to alter it.

ChatPDF offers integrations with document storage platforms, enabling users to chat with multiple PDFs simultaneously. It ensures data security, storing all the files in a secure cloud storage that can be deleted anytime. In addition, the handy feature of 'Multi-File Chats' allows users to create a folder and drag multiple PDFs into it to discuss them all at once.

ChatPDF offers a free usage limit for 2 PDFs every day, each up to 120 pages. To expand these capabilities, users can upgrade to ChatPDF Plus. ChatPDF is dedicated to broadening the understanding of research worldwide and is trusted by millions of students, researchers, and professionals. With an AI as advanced as ChatGPT but dedicated to PDFs, it makes analyzing and summarizing documents a breeze.


  • Chat with any PDF: Engage in instant chats with your PDF files using ChatPDF's AI technology. Ideal for students, researchers, and professionals.
  • Multi-File Chats: ChatPDF allows for multiple file chats. Add multiple PDF files in a folder and start a conversation with them all at once.
  • Cited Sources: Quality assurance with cited sources from the content derived from the PDFs is guaranteed.
  • Any Language Support: ChatPDF supports any language. Upload a PDF in one language and ask questions in another. Ideal for understanding research across the globe.
  • Accurate answers : ChatPDF's high-tech AI produces accurate and reliable answers for your queries, aiding research and knowledge expansion.
  • Security and Privacy: Rest assured, ChatPDF will never share your files with anyone and provides secure cloud storage for your files.
  • Free and Plus versions: ChatPDF provides free usage with limited features and a plus version for expanded functionality at a cost.


  • Free version provides chat services with 2 PDFs per day, each up to 120 pages.
  • Upgrade to ChatPDF Plus for unlimited use, including unlimited number of PDFs, unlimited questions, with each PDF up to 2000 pages and ability to chat up to 50 PDFs per folder, with a limit of 32MB per PDF.
  • ChatPDF Plus pricing: $5 per month for unlimited access to all features and PDF services.
  • Subscription can be cancelled anytime, with no cancellation fee and uninterrupted access to the Plus benefits till the end of the billing cycle.

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