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Ivo offers a game-changing AI Contract Review tool trusted by leading legal teams. It is renowned for its accuracy and efficiency in analyzing contracts, thereby saving time, effort, and reducing overall risk related to agreements. Ivo supports documents in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and PDF formats making it versatile and user-friendly.

What sets Ivo apart is its intelligent redline recommendations and customized reviews, which adhere to your company's unique legal language and guidelines. It helps identify potential issues, generate a summary and spot unused defined terms in contracts. Ivo operates as an add-in within Microsoft Word, yet has additional support for Google Docs and PDF documents for ease of use and effectiveness.

Companies like Geotab, Quora, McCollister's, and Formlabs have benefitted enormously by using Ivo, with reported efficiency gains and streamlined workflows. Ivo's robust model for contract review integrates perfectly with legal operations workflows, going beyond just identifying issues, it offers automated explanations and correction suggestions for unmet requirements in your contracts, alongside efficient document review, redlining, and one-click issues list generation.

Ivo's main priority is to safeguard your contracts and it does so by investing heavily in industry recognized security certifications. Although the pricing details are available on request, understanding Ivo's dedication to faster deployment and their offer of a dedicated Customer Success Manager for all implementing, justifies the investment. Witness the future of contract review by exploring Ivo today!


  • Leader in AI Contract Review: Unlock unprecedented efficiency with the world’s most accurate AI Contract Review software trusted by modern legal teams.
  • Gold Standard in Accuracy: Sets the industry benchmark for AI Contract Review accuracy, delivering data-driven results you can rely on.
  • Customized to Your Needs: Ivo adapts to your company's unique legal language and guidelines to deliver customized reviews, ensuring compliance with internal playbooks.
  • Support for All Document Types: Ivo lives inside your Microsoft Word environment with native support for Google Docs, PDF formats, and more.
  • AI-Generated Issue Lists: Streamline internal stakeholder communications with dynamic, customizable issues lists generated at the click of a button.
  • Efficiency Gains: Ivo has helped industry leaders like Geotab and Formlabs achieve efficiency gains up to 75% and streamline their contract review workflows.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security: Ivo takes the safety of your contracts seriously, offering industry-leading security you can trust.
  • Document Modification and Querying: Direct Ivo to alter the document using straightforward instructions, making edits quick, and easy.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: Ivo promises robust customer support with a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM).
  • Dynamic Word Comments: Automatically insert Word comments as redlines to explain and justify any changes to the document's language.


  • Ivo pricing is available on request.
  • Ivo offers unparalleled customization and efficiency, owing to its automatic explanation and correction suggestions, Microsoft Word and Google Docs support, and configurable issues list.
  • The software assists in reviewing contracts with its customizable checklists, automated document review and redlining, and comprehensive summarization tools for enhanced document insight.
  • It provides dedicated customer success manager and implementation team along with robust customer support to ensure smooth operation and integration.

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