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Tavus is a developer-first platform designed to facilitate seamless integration of AI video models into applications. Leveraging cutting-edge models, Tavus helps users create hyper-realistic AI replicas, offering a streamlined and cost-effective method to produce studio-grade videos. The tool has garnered praise for being easy to use with straightforward documentation, making AI video generation widely accessible.

Tavus stands out with its commitment to hands-on customer support throughout the build and launch cycle. It provides a platform that users trust, demonstrating its ability to respond promptly and build launch-critical features. By using Tavus, users were able to build AI avatars through APIs in just a few weeks.

Tavus also promises to enhance users’ product and user experience by handling AI video models and security aspects. It supports a wide array of applications, from creating personalized video campaigns for an entire audience to generating lip-synced videos in different languages. Tavus API's usability by software companies across diverse industries reflects the tool’s versatility.

Tavus offers a range of pricing plans tailored to various user needs. The Starter plan is available at $1 per month, targeting users who want to test APIs quickly. The Hobbyist plan is available at $39 per month, and the Business plan costs $199 per month. For large-scale AI video integration, Tavus provides an Enterprise plan with unlimited tokens and replicas, available on request. All these plans provide user capabilities like creating stock and personal replicas in a matter of minutes.

Backed by advanced research, Tavus is recognized for its unparalleled realism and commitment to safety. It's dedicated to making AI video integration easy, reliable, and secure for developers and product teams, providing an innovative solution for creating human-like videos from text.


  • AI Replicas Integrated into Apps: Tavus allows you to seamlessly embed AI replicas into your applications, enhancing user experience and interactivity.
  • Generative Video Made Easy: The Tavus API enables the generation of lifelike, stable and scalable AI videos in a quick and hassle-free way.
  • Developer-first Platform: Tavus takes a developer-centered approach, providing easy-to-use APIs and comprehensible documentation for easy integration.
  • Hands-on Support and Partnership: We work closely with our clients, offering prompt responses and critical feature builds throughout the model building process.
  • Cutting Edge Models: Our models constantly evolve and improve, offering hyper-realistic face cloning functionality that we refine each day.
  • User-centric Capabilities: With Tavus, your users get a natural-looking video generated from text that they're excited to use. It's like video and text fused into a ubiquitous medium for a wide range of industries.
  • Affordable Pricing Plans: Tavus offers scalable pricing that corresponds to your demands, from starter packages for quick API tests to enterprise solutions for large-scale AI video integration.


  • Free version offers quick testing of APIs through the 'Starter' plan for $1 per month. This includes 300 tokens (with 100 tokens equivalent to 1 minute) and access to stock replicas only.
  • For more expansive usage, the 'Hobbyist' plan is available at $39 per month, providing 2,500 tokens (with 100 tokens equivalent to 1 minute) and access to 3 personal replicas along with stock replicas.
  • The 'Business' plan facilitates easy implementation of APIs in your app at $199 per month, offering a larger limit of 15,000 tokens (with 100 tokens equivalent to 1 minute) and access to 7 personal replicas along with stock replicas.
  • For unlimited usage and scalability, the 'Enterprise’ plan offers unlimited tokens (with 100 tokens equivalent to 1 minute) and unrestricted access to personal replicas along with stock replicas. Pricing for this plan is custom and requires contacting sales. Additional features under this plan include a dedicated partnership for AI video building and launch, best-in-class documentation, and hands-on support.

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