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Humantic AI- Features, Pricing & Use Cases

Humantic AI is a pioneering Buyer Intelligence platform that uses the power of Personality AI to boost sales performance. This innovatively focuses on understanding buyers, helping to personalize communication and approach, thereby increasing email response rates, shortening sales cycles, and improving close rates. Therefore, Humantic AI proves its effectiveness by plugging the gap in sales intelligence and offering actionable insights that propel revenue growth.

What sets Humantic AI apart is its feature-packed platform, with standouts such as 'Authentic Personalization' and the implementation of the DISC framework, both designed to engage customers on a deeper level. Also, the unique 1-click personalization transforms any sales email into a text that suits the recipient's preferences, while automated enrichment ensures CRM data is always updated. Integration with other CRMs and workflow applications, coupled with access to the Humantic AI Chrome extension, enhance operational convenience and efficiency.

Humantic AI is compatible with commonly used sales and engagement tools providing seamless operations. Most notably, it offers a free plan for access to basic features and various premium plans that unlock more extensive capabilities. Starting from $29/month the premium plans deliver unlimited emails and personalization, AI recommendations, multi-inbox support, and much more. The ROI calculator accompanying the platform provides potential users a clear forecast of their Return on Investment, thus ensuring transparency.

Because of its wide range of features, customer-centric approach, and affordable pricing models, Humantic AI is a reliable platform used by many successful sales professionals. Its dedication to driving sales through understanding buyer personalities has set a new industry standard, effectively redefining the way sales intelligence is used.


  • Personality AI: Gain deeper understanding of your buyers with AI-driven personality insights, allowing for effective tailoring of communication and approach.
  • Enhanced Email Response Rates: Increase the effectiveness of your outreach by personalizing emails based on recipient's unique personality traits.
  • Shortened Sales Cycles: Reduce the time it takes to close deals by understanding your buyers' preferences and pain points.
  • Higher Close Rates: Improve your close rates by leveraging insights that make your communication more relevant and effective.
  • Data Integration and Automation: Seamlessly integrate with your CRM and automate buyer intelligence enrichment, ensuring your data is constantly up-to-date.
  • Chrome Extension: Access personality insights directly within LinkedIn, email, and leading CRMs using the Humantic AI Chrome extension.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans: Choose a pricing plan that fits your requirements, starting from a free plan up to a team plan with aggregated email analytics and proactive customer success.
  • ROI Calculator: Estimate your potential return on investment with Humantic AI using critical data such as salespeople count, average ticket size and deal close rate.


  • Humantic AI offers a Free Plan at $0 per month that includes features such as analysis and personalization of up to 5 emails per month, basic features, and Gmail + Outlook 365 integration.
  • The Starter Plan is available at $29 per month which provides unlimited emails and personalization, AI recommendations, mobile optimization, support via chat, and multi-inbox support.
  • For an advanced usage, Humantic AI offers the Individual Pro Plan at $49 per month that includes all features from the Starter Plan plus integrations, priority support and dedicated CSM.
  • For teams handling large sales operations, the Team Plan starts at $8.5k per year and offers aggregated email analytics, accelerated dynamic scoring, proactive customer success, human-led coaching programs and content-studio access.

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