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GitHub Copilot- Features, Pricing & Use Cases

GitHub Copilot introduces a potent AI-driven code assistant intended to streamline the programming process for developers. With popularity spanning across the globe, GitHub Copilot strives to enhance productivity and code quality through on-the-spot code suggestions, ranging from single-line code additions to entire functions. The tool further elevates user experience by recognizing the project's context and style and is armed with Natural Language Prompts and Chat Integration among other unique attributes. Supporting multiple languages, GitHub Copilot seamlessly adapts to different development scenarios and audiences.

The unique charm of GitHub Copilot lies in its advanced attributes that can be personalized to cater to user preferences. The 'AI-Powered Code Generation' feature provides real-time coding suggestions while a developer is typing, enhancing the writing process. Its built-in AI-driven attributes suggest list of codes for any given requirements, refining the final outcome. Furthermore, features like 'Pull Requests and Docs' and 'Terminal Support' facilitate a smooth coding experience.

In addition to being an advanced coding assistant, GitHub Copilot extensively integrates with frequently used development tools, providing an effortless experience for users to embed into their daily development routine. Its other key attributes comprise 'Security and Compliance' features, such as Privacy Protection and Vulnerability Detection, which ensure a safe and secure coding experience. GitHub Copilot offers a free package with access to basic features, and premium packages start from $10 USD per month. The premium plan introduces an array of additional advantages comprising unlimited use of the code assistant, access to unlimited features, and swift processing speeds.

With its all-rounded attributes and improved developer experience vision, GitHub Copilot is an economical and trustworthy assistant, backed by myriad individual developers, enterprises, students, and professionals globally.


  • AI-Powered Code Generation: GitHub Copilot generates real-time code suggestions based on the context and style of your project. It can provide anything from single lines of code to entire functions,and you can use natural language prompts to receive coding suggestions. It also has chat integration for answering specific programming questions, explaining code, or assisting in navigating through a codebase.
  • Enhanced Development Workflow: Offers intelligent code completions, suggestions for pull requests and documentation, natural language-to-bash translations, and mobile access for enhanced on-the-go code assistance.
  • Security and Compliance: Ensures privacy and security of your code with built-in filters for vulnerability detection and duplication detection for open-source license compliance.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans: Offers plans to suit individual developers, businesses, and enterprises with features like AI-based code suggestions, access to chat assistance, and tailored suggestions from indexing the organization’s codebase in the enterprise plan.
  • Privacy and Data Protection: Committed to user privacy and data protection, it supports compliance with GDPR and other data protection laws.
  • Intellectual Property and Responsible AI: Addresses intellectual property considerations and responsible AI usage with a non-ownership policy of suggestions provided by Copilot. Also includes duplicate detection and security filters for creating secure and reliable codes.
  • Getting Started: Sign up, install Copilot on your preferred IDE or command line interface and start exploring the AI-powered features for enhanced development workflows.


  • GitHub Copilot offers three pricing plans for convenience and flexibility: Copilot Individual at $10 per month or $100 per year, Copilot Business at $19 per user per month, and Copilot Enterprise at $39 per user per month.
  • The Copilot Individual plan provides AI-based code suggestions, access to chat assistance, code completions, and is suitable for individual developers, freelancers, students, and educators.
  • For advanced features, the Copilot Business plan includes all features of Copilot Individual along with organizational license management, policy management, and IP indemnity.
  • The Copilot Enterprise plan offers all features of Copilot Business along with customization options for organizations, integration into for enhanced collaboration, indexing of an organization’s codebase for tailored suggestions, and access to fine-tuned custom models.

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