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LawGeex is a powerful legal tech tool that automates your contract review process, saving up to 80% of your time and boosting deal-closing times by 3 times. Adopted by businesses worldwide, LawGeex pairs patented technology with a team of experienced attorneys to provide tailored contract review, giving your legal procedures a sound efficiency and precision. LawGeex is equipped with an AI-powered backend capable of understanding the context of your contracts and can negotiate on your behalf, just like an experienced attorney, but with greater speed and accuracy.

The unique strength of LawGeex lies in its ability to transform legal concepts from user's policies into digital legal playbooks, ensuring consistent review and negotiation procedures across your organization. LawGeex's platform enables businesses to not only review and redline their contracts according to their own predefined policies but also provides data-driven insights into their legal procedures, empowering them to make robust, informed decisions. For added security measures, LawGeex maintains rigorous safeguards to protect sensitive data, making it a trusted partner for your contract review and negotiation needs.

LawGeex is also designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack, enhancing usability and boosting productivity. In addition to its cutting-edge contract review automation solution, LawGeex boasts other standout features like a 94% accuracy rate, 90% cost savings compared to manual procedures, and a proven track record of reducing contract turnaround times. LawGeex is available for a free, tailored demo, after which you can accrue further benefits via their paid offerings.

With its dedication to refining legal procedures and making contract review a breeze, LawGeex is a proven and reliable tool for businesses seeking enhanced legal efficiency, trusted by numerous companies across the globe.


  • Contract Review Automation: Our patented AI technology reviews and redlines your legal documents according to predefined company policies, increasing speed and precision of contract review and approval.
  • Incredible Efficiency: Save up to 80% time reviewing and approving contracts while closing deals up to 3x faster and reducing costs by 90% compared to traditional approaches.
  • AI Technology: Our best-in-class AI is designed to think like an experienced attorney, making more accurate and consistent contract reviews a reality, and it all integrates with your current tech stack.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Gain critical insights and make informed decisions about your legal policies and streamline the negotiation process. Get metrics and insights that quantify the efficiency of your team and the return on investing in our partnership.
  • Secure and Trusted: Your company’s sensitive data is kept safe with our range of stringent measures in place. Pioneer in the legal tech industry, Lawgeex is trusted by companies across the globe.
  • Tailored for Your Business: Our solution acts as an extension of your legal team, providing tailored contract review specific to your legal concepts and turning your positions, risks, and guidelines into digital legal playbooks.
  • Proven Impact:Discover how companies like GE Power Conversion and leading pharmaceutical suppliers have leveraged Lawgeex to drive efficiency and save thousands of hours in contract review and negotiation.


  • Lawgeex automation tools help businesses to shave off up to 80% of time spent on reviewing and approving contracts.
  • With Lawgeex's AI technology, businesses can close deals 3x faster than traditional methods.
  • Using Lawgeex can result in up to 90% cost savings compared to manual contract review approaches.
  • In addition to the mentioned efficiencies, Lawgeex also ensures the accuracy of its processes, boasting a high success rate of 94% accuracy, compared to 84% accuracy from corporate lawyers.
  • For more detailed insights, clients can request the Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Lawgeex Report that reveals an impressive 209% ROI and over 6500+ hours saved in contract review and negotiation.
  • Access to Lawgeex software, customer support, and additional services can be requested directly from the company by either emailing or calling 917-409-0403.
  • Free tailored demos of the Lawgeex product are also available upon request to allow potential clients to see the full capabilities of the product before making a purchase decision.
  • For specific pricing inquiries and custom packages, clients are encouraged to contact Lawgeex directly to discuss available options.

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