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Meet Drift, a groundbreaking AI-driven buyer engagement platform curated to refine and personalize the buyer's journey experience. Used globally, Drift is designed to automatically understand, listen, and learn from buyers producing highly personalized experiences. The platform tracks website visitor identities and their intents, facilitating tailored experiences that mature and qualify potential clients down the funnel.

Drift's standout feature is its utilization of advanced AI-powered Chatbots, competent of initiating human-like conversations around the clock. Additionally, it provides 24/7 Intel & Audiences for tailored website experiences, Real-Time ABM Notifications for target account engagement, and AI Engagement Score for data-driven expansion opportunities. As a result, users can engage with target accounts and potential growth opportunities in a highly personalized manner exactly when needed.

Integration with other platforms is one of Drift's key features, enabling a more comprehensive view of customers. With an array of features, such as Prospector and AI-Powered Chatbots for customer support, Bionic Chatbots for automatically constructed and customized playbooks, and Site Concierge aimed at enhancing your website's visitor experience, Drift effectively fast-tracks sales cycles.

Drift's pricing plans are flexible, ranging from $2,500 USD per month for the Premium plan to customized plans in the Enterprise range. Users enjoy features aligned to each of the plan's capabilities, making Drift a valuable investment for businesses of all sizes. Drift remarkably transforms the buyer's journey and customer experience, making it a top choice for many businesses globally.


  • Automated Listener: AI-powered buyer engagement platform that listens, understands, and learns from buyers to deliver highly personalized experiences.
  • Insightful Results: Identifies website visitors and understands their intent to deliver highly tailored experiences, qualifying them down the sales funnel
  • AI-Powered Chatbots: For human-like conversations. Works 24/7 and offers Intel & Audiences for hyper-targeted website experiences, and Bionic Chatbots for endlessly personalized playbooks.
  • Real-Time ABM Notifications: Alerts you of target account engagement and provides AI Engagement Score for data-driven expansion opportunities.
  • Enduring Customer Relationships: Distinguishes customers from new prospects, identifies growth opportunities, and delivers experiences that inspire loyalty.
  • Speeded Sales Cycle: Engages prospects with valuable, real-time conversations to generate opportunities. Offers Meeting Scheduler, Real-Time Notifications for 24/7 scheduling and engagement alerts, and Video Messaging for personalized sales exchanges,
  • Quantum Leap in Playbook Building: All new custom playbooks guide visitors to exactly what they’re looking for automatically.
  • Exciting New Features: Uses machine learning to understand visitor behavior and fire playbooks with 9X higher conversions. Transforms website engagement with a single widget.
  • Profitable Clientele: Generates a great amount of revenue for clients around the globe based on the three-year Forrester analysis.
  • Various Pricing Plans: Fits every business type, size and budget. Choose as per your need – Premium for small businesses, Advanced for growing businesses, Enterprise for established businesses.


  • Premium plan for small businesses that want to grow, priced at $2,500 per month, billed annually. Key features include live chat, meeting scheduling, custom chatbots, intel, real-time notifications, and conversational landing pages.
  • Advanced plan for businesses that need to engage their audiences with personalized messages and grow their pipeline with less effort. The price is available upon request. It includes all features in the Premium plan, plus fastlane, audiences, A/B testing, and flex routing.
  • Enterprise plan tailored towards larger businesses that need to scale their personalization and pipeline generation efforts across the full customer lifecycle. The pricing for this plan is custom. This plan provides access to workspaces, AI-powered chatbots, and custom Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

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