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Amazon Q Developer is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence-powered tool designed to optimize the software development lifecycle (SDLC) comprehensively. Utilizing its generative AI, Amazon Q Developer seeks to expedite coding, modernize outdated code, bolster reliability and security, and ensure more efficient infrastructure management for developers. Key functionalities include AI-powered code generation, legacy code modernization, development and operational support, seamless IDE and Command Line Integration, robust security and privacy standards, and flexible pricing options. Amazon Q Developer's uniqueness lies in its next-generation features offering developers customized assistance. The AI Real-Time Code Generation, for instance, intuitively provides code suggestions fueled by a user's comments and existing code. In contrast, its Legacy Code Modernization capability simplifies the daunting task of upgrading outdated Java applications. Furthermore, the tool blends seamlessly into developer operations, offering continuous support through chat integrations and real-time remediation suggestions for identified vulnerabilities. Moreover, Amazon Q Developer offers integrations with standard development environments, promoting swift assimilation into the user’s development process. Among its critical strengths are unit testing, code optimization, vulnerability scanning, and a powerful AI-capable command line interface. With its free plan offering essential features and integrations and the Pro Plan starting from $19 per user per month providing additional perks, such as analytics dashboard and enterprise administration, Amazon Q makes reshaping your development workflow easily accessible and affordable. Trusted by countless developers and IT professionals worldwide, Amazon Q Developer is a comprehensive, reliable, and affordable tool backed with superior features. Whether you are an individual developer or an enterprise team, Amazon Q Developer is primed to redefine and enhance your development journey like never before.


  • AI-Powered Code Generation: Offers real-time code suggestions, supports CLI completions and natural language-to-code translation, and employs autonomous agents for implementing features, documenting code, and bootstrapping new projects.
  • Legacy Code Modernization: Automates the process of upgrading Java applications and supports code transformation from Windows to cross-platform .NET.
  • Development and Operations Support: Provides chat integration for error diagnosis and optimization, and assists in writing unit tests, code optimization, and vulnerability scanning with remediation suggestions.
  • IDE and Command Line Integration: Supports a wide range of IDEs including JetBrains, IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio, VS Code and command line interfaces, and allows access through AWS Console Mobile Application for iOS and Android.
  • Security and Privacy: Ensures complete code privacy and offers enterprise-grade access controls through integration with AWS IAM Identity Center.
  • Free and Pro Plans: Offers a Free Tier with basic AI code completions, 1,000 lines of code upgrades per month, and access to essential features and integrations. The Pro Tier includes all Free Tier features plus 4,000 LOC upgrades per month, enterprise administration, analytics dashboard, IP indemnity, and Amazon Q Developer code customizations.
  • Seamless Installation and Usage: Start with creating an AWS account, install Amazon Q Developer in your preferred IDE or command line interface, and begin exploring the rich features to enhance your development workflow.


  • The Free Tier of Amazon Q Developer offers basic AI code completions, 1,000 lines of code (LOC) upgrades per month, and access to essential features and integrations at no cost.
  • The Pro Tier, priced at $19 per user per month, provides 4,000 LOC upgrades per month, enterprise administration, an analytics dashboard, IP indemnity, and Amazon Q Developer code customizations in addition to the features included in the Free Tier.

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