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Lex Machina changes the game with its premium Legal Analytics tool, renowned for providing unmatched insights on courts, judges, lawyers, law firms, and parties that contribute to winning legal battles. With Lex Machina, predict the behaviour of courts, judges, lawyers, and parties using valuable, data-driven insights and stay ahead in your litigation game. Having enhanced analytics for over 100 state courts, Lex Machina stands as an unparalleled source of data for millions of state court cases.

The cornerstones of Lex Machina are its advanced features crafted exclusively by a unique combination of machine learning and in-house legal experts. The exclusive 'Outcome Analytics' redefine legal tools with their critical data on damages, findings, resolutions, and remedies. The platform's 'Case List Analyzer' expedites the search process for relevant cases with its practice-specific filters and tags, leading to a refined final output. A patent in its name for the Lawyer Data Engine, Lex Machina is the only tool to correct and add missing lawyer data, therefore, including records that other systems might oversee.

Lex Machina fuses convenience with functionality as it offers integrations with commonly used legal tools to streamline the users' litigation process. Notable features include pricing insights to aid in creating competitive yet profitable bids for new businesses. Lex Machina is a LexisNexis Company, guaranteeing secure and trusted services for its users, and its pricing is available on request.

Acknowledged for its grand scale services, transparency in sources, and commitment to delivering accurate, complete, and up-to-date analyses, Lex Machina is an indispensable tool for individuals, firms, and businesses globally involved in the legal landscape.


  • Legal Analytics: Lex Machina helps predict behaviours of courts, judges, lawyers, and parties using legal analytics. Profound insights on law firms, lawyers, courts, judges, and parties help you make winning strategies.
  • Case List Analyzer: Our unique Case List Analyzer helps in building comprehensive case lists and filter cases based on relevance swiftly and easily. You no longer need to trawl through irrelevant cases.
  • Quick Tools: Our unique Quick Tools make it simple for instant comparison of judges, law firms, parties, enabling the creation of winning motions.
  • Patented Attorney Data Engine: Our patented Attorney Data Engine corrects and adds missing counsel data, ensuring an accurate record of your lawyers' appearances and oppositions.
  • Transparency: Lex Machina allows you to show your work, starting from high-level trends to underlying dockets and documents. We ensure utmost clarity about where your information is coming from.
  • Extensive and Accurate Reports: Reports such as Antitrust Litigation Report, 2024 Securities Litigation Report provide insights into specific areas of litigation.
  • Pricing: Lex Machina aid in striking the right balance while pricing a bid for new businesses. It can provide data-driven insights to help you come up with a price that is both competitive and profitable.


  • Lex Machina provides data-driven insights to help competitively and profitably price a bid for new business.
  • Quantifiable factors like case duration, staffing decisions, litigation track records, and potential damages influence Lex Machina's pricing algorithm to generate an optimum bid for a fixed fee arrangement.
  • By leveraging the unique offerings of Lex Machina such as Outcome Analytics, Case List Analyzer, Quick Tools, and Attorney Data Engine, users can access accurate, relevant and comprehensive data for better business decisions.
  • Specific pricing details are available on request.
  • Apart from individual usage, Lex Machina also provides pricing options for law firms and companies, details of which are given upon request.
  • User reviews indicate higher realization rates and reduced write-offs with the use of Lex Machina's analytics.

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