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Kira Systems

Kira Systems- Features, Pricing & Use Cases

Kira Systems is a trusted AI-driven tool, designed to streamline legal processes by automatically identifying, extracting, and analyzing important provisions in contracts and documents. Used by top law firms and organizations worldwide, Kira Systems enhances client relationships and revenues by catering to various sectors including Law Firms, Professional Services, and Corporations.

Kira Systems boasts patented machine learning technology that provides users the ability to extract concepts and data points with high efficiency and accuracy. Features like built-in intelligence and adaptive workflows further streamline the contract review process, making it possible to focus on higher value work. With Quick Study, a no-code machine learning tool, users can customize smart fields to find specific data points tailored to their needs.

Additionally, Kira Systems promotes a partner ecosystem that transforms how teams work with contracts, catered to different industries such as Retail, Insurance, PropTech, and Financial Services. Built with a focus on contract analysis, due diligence, and lease abstraction, Kira Systems improves how organizations practice law.

To ensure users are up-to-date with latest AI trends, Kira Systems offers educational resources including whitepapers, case studies, webinars, guides and a dedicated learning hub, and also hosts articles about ongoing developments in the legal industry.

While Kira Systems does not offer a free plan, detailed pricing information is available on request. Trusted by top firms, Kira Systems is professionally recognized for empowering teams around the globe by providing efficient and accurate AI-powered contract analysis.


  • Kira Systems: Deepens client relationships, grows revenue, and delivers total diligence.
  • Kira in Action: Offers a glimpse of how Kira works in real time.
  • Patented Machine Learning Technology: Extracts concepts and data points with high efficiency and accuracy.
  • Built-In Intelligence: Streamlines the contract review process with Kira’s out-of-the-box smart fields.
  • Quick Study: Allows you to create your own smart fields to find specific data points using a no-code machine learning tool.
  • Adaptive Workflows: Uses Kira's management features to organize, track, and export results.
  • Partner Ecosystem: Partners across different sectors, allowing Kira to transform how teams work with their contracts.
  • Use Cases: Applicable in contract analysis, due diligence, lease abstraction across different sectors like Law firms, Professional Services, Corporations, etc.
  • Resources: Provides case studies, whitepapers, guides, studies, webinars, and legal analyses for deeper understanding of the system.
  • Pricing: Available on request.


Pricing information for Kira Systems is not publicly available on their website. It's suggested to contact their sales team directly for specific pricing details. This is a common practice in the industry for complex software solutions that offer customizable features or packages.
Last Updated
July 12, 2024 17:47

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