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UseArtemis delivers a powerful AI-powered tool that revolutionizes LinkedIn outbound marketing by crafting personalized hooks and replies. As an asset trusted by over 15,000 premium users worldwide, UseArtemis ensures maximum personalization in your sales campaigns, leading to increased response rates and more potential leads. The service supports users across different languages, offering GDPR compliant services that are safe and secure.

What truly sets UseArtemis apart is its unique AI-driven features range from AI-crafted personalized messages to conducting every step of the outreach process, including booking meetings and closing deals. On average, users experience 4.2 times revenue growth, a 48% acceptance rate, and a 25% reply rate, ensuring a thriving lead pipeline.

UseArtemis offers handy integration with both regular LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, enriched with cloud functions for data processing. You can import leads via CSV or through an API, and the AI-powered waterfall enrichment ensures you get up to 80% of your prospects' contact details. Additionally, they boast unified inbox management allowing multiple LinkedIn inboxes to be managed simultaneously, even offering AI replies.

UseArtemis offers various pricing plans, with packages starting from $69 per month. These include various features like automatic LinkedIn and email outreach, unified inbox, and AI replies. The company guarantees a risk-free experience – asserting that their pricing is more cost-effective than missing out on customers. Trusted by multitudes globally, UseArtemis combines convenience, personalization, and AI efficiency, making it a must-have tool for strategic LinkedIn marketing.


  • AI-Personalized Hooks & Replies: Boost your response rate with personalized messages tailored for each prospect. Forget sending "Hello {firstName}" and let useArtemis craft effective, custom messages for you.
  • GDPR Compliant: UseArtmeis services are GDPR compliant, offering features that respect user's data privacy.
  • Tailored for Agencies: Designed specifically to meet the needs of agencies, UseArtemis offers a seamless and efficient way to scale your outreach.
  • Revenue Growth & More Leads: Average 4.2x revenue growth, with an increased lead pipeline by 10x, ensuring a high return on your investment.
  • Automate Outreach Process: From personalized message creation to following up, booking meetings, and closing deals, let AI handle every step of the outreach process.
  • Prospect Finding & Import Features: Find leads from and import directly from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, or via CSV or API. Use the built-in scrapers to automate the lead import process.
  • Unified Inbox: Manage multiple LinkedIn inboxes simultaneously, and have all conversations in one simple inbox. With AI replies, filters, tags, and reminders, you have complete control and organization of your outreach efforts.
  • Affordable Pricing: With various subscription options, UseArtemis offers risk-free pricing that is value for money, ensuring you never miss out on prospective clients due to inefficient outreach.


  • The Starter Plan, billed monthly, offers outreach to 2500 leads from LinkedIn, along with the ability to find 500 verified emails, connect 2 LinkedIn accounts and 2 email addresses, and offers features like a unified inbox and credit roll-over, all for $69.
  • For individuals seeking more in-depth services, the Scale Plan, billed monthly at $159, provides outreach to 5000 leads from LinkedIn, allows users to find 1500 verified emails, connect 5 LinkedIn accounts and 5 email addresses, and offers features like a unified inbox, automatic AI replies and credit roll-over.
  • The Agency Plan, billed monthly at $399, offers extensive services with outreach to 100,000 leads from LinkedIn, the ability to find 10,000 verified emails, connect 10 LinkedIn account and 10 e mail addresses, and offers features like a unified inbox, automatic AI replies and credit roll-over.
  • All pricing plans offer GDPR compliance and a 7-day free trial to get started, with discounts offered periodically. Accepted payment methods include credit cards and invoice billing. Should you have any queries, the useArtemis support team is ready to assist with comprehensive FAQs and personalized help. 100% safety and security are guaranteed for your account.

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