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Simplified delivers an all-round AI-operated creative platform catering to a wide spectrum of creative needs. Loved by creators globally, Simplified brings to the table an arsenal of AI tools that includes an image generator, presentation maker, photo editor, thumbnail maker, and much more. With Simplified, creators are empowered to generate professional and engaging content with little effort across various languages. The platform offers a nuanced collection of tools custom designed for graphic designers, copywriters, social media managers, podcasters and influencers.

Simplified sets itself apart with its advanced features aligning with the users' requirements. From creating stunning images to generating SEO-inclined blog posts, it offers an array of services. Additionally, this platform also allows users to utilize the 'Content Scheduler' for planning, scheduling and tracing social media content - delivering a rich and adaptive user experience that refines final output.

Simplified also offers integrations with popularly used creative tools making it easier to incorporate into your creative process. Key features include an AI blog writer, bulk post generator, subtitle generator, and amazing voice cloning abilities. Simplified offers a free plan offering access to basic features and premium plans starting at $10 USD per month, making it an affordable tool for creators across the globe. Premium users enjoy benefits that include 100 AI generations, enhanced design tools, premium templates and more.

With its versatile features and commitment to streamlining the creative process, Simplified is a sought-after tool enjoyed by a wide array of creators, business professionals, and students globally.


  • AI Image Generator: Create stunning images effortlessly with our AI-powered tool.
  • AI Presentation Maker: Generate professional-looking presentations in a matter of minutes with our AI-powered tool.
  • AI Thumbnail Maker: Craft thumbnails for your content that catches the eye of your audience.
  • AI Ads Generator: Create targeted and high-converting ads tailored to your audience's preferences.
  • AI Photo Editor: Edit and enhance your photos using powerful AI tools for a professional finish.
  • AI Short Clips: Transform lengthy videos into engaging short clips that your audience will love.
  • AI Voice Cloning: Create lifelike voice clones with just a few minutes' worth of audio for an immersive experience.
  • AI Subtitle Generator: Seamlessly add and translate subtitles for your content to reach a wider audience.
  • AI Blog Writer: Craft SEO-optimized blog posts that will drive traffic to your site.
  • AI Bulk Post Generator: Create multiple attention-grabbing posts for your social media channels instantly.
  • Instant Content Creation: Quickly generate ideas and content for your needs.
  • Collaboration Tools: Work alongside your peers in real-time, giving and receiving feedback collaboratively.
  • Social Media Management: Easily planning, scheduling, and tracking your social media posts for optimal engagement.


  • Simplified's Free Plan is forever free, providing unlimited design projects, access to essential AI features, and 5 GB of storage.
  • The Pro Plan is priced at $10 per month, offering 100 AI generations, 1 seat, and access to enhanced design tools and premium templates.
  • For larger teams, the Business Plan comes in at $24 per user per month, with 250 AI generations, 5 seats, collaboration tools, and extensive design features.
  • The Enterprise Plan provides tailored solutions to meet the needs of large organizations and costs can be discussed upon contacting the Simplified team. This plan offers customized AI generations, bulk creation tools, advanced collaboration features, and tailored support.

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