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Research Rabbit is an innovative online tool that optimizes literature review mapping for students, researchers, and professionals. This intuitive "citation-based literature mapping tool" enhances the efficiency of your research, saving valuable time without the need to switch between different search modes and databases. To get started, users simply input one or more seed papers into the system. The advanced algorithm of Research Rabbit then generates a range of relevant papers based on the topic of interest dictated by your initial selections. This functionality aims to eliminate the often time-consuming and tedious process of citation mining, enabling users to stay focused and efficient in their research efforts. The essence of Research Rabbit lies in its ability to streamline and simplify the research process by delivering relevant literature directly to the user. The user-friendly interface and intuitive features are designed to support your research journey, keeping you a step ahead in your academic or professional project. Moreover, Research Rabbit is completely free for researchers. The tool commits to advancing human knowledge by empowering researchers in the most efficient way possible, rather than selling your own work back to you. They continue to advance their technology suite in alignment with their mission-first principle. Offering an ingenious way to optimise academic research, Research Rabbit is a versatile and beneficial tool for students, writers, and professionals worldwide. It makes navigating the challenging world of literature review a smoother, more manageable experience.


  • Citation-Based Literature Mapping Tool: Save research time with this online tool that searches for relevant literature based on a 'seed paper' concept; type in one or more research papers, and ResearchRabbit will find more relevant papers for you.
  • Innovative Searching System: Eliminates the need to switch between various databases and searching modes, making the research process faster and more efficient.
  • Mission-first Team: Devoted to the cause of advancing human knowledge, ResearchRabbit is committed to offering free access for researchers, now and forever.
  • Continuous Tech Development: Stay updated with the latest technology that supports and empowers researchers.
  • Optimized Keyword Search: Enter your keyword to easily navigate site and find relevant information.
  • Free Access: Unrestricted access for researchers with no hidden costs.
  • Copyrighted Content: All content on ResearchRabbit is copyrighted ensuring intellectual property protection.


  • Research Rabbit is completely free for researchers.
  • The free version of the offers an array of features geared towards simplifying your citation quest in literature reviews such as automatic discovery of relevant papers related to your topic of interest, an optimized search process that reduces the time spent in switching between search modes and databases, and efficient planning and execution of essays or minor projects.
  • The current pricing model of the tool is designed to support its mission-first team's objective of empowering researchers and advancing human knowledge without charging for it.
  • Instead of a Premium pricing model like certain other tools, Research Rabbit is funded by donations and possibly other forms of revenue not specified on the site.

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