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Gradescope is a comprehensive assessment solution designed to streamline grading and assessment processes. With a broad user base of over 140,000 instructors worldwide, this tool allows educators to manage, deliver, and grade all types of assignments with ease. It supports multiple assignment formats, such as problem sets, quizzes, projects, and bubble sheet exams. One can even grade paper-based, digital, and code assignments, making it suitable for all subjects. The platform comes with AI-assisted grading and answer grouping features that allow efficient handling of similar answers, cutting the grading time by half. Its intuitive interface offers quick and flexible grading with a one-click detailed feedback application. Even rubric changes can be readily applied to previously graded work. Gradescope provides valuable insights via question and rubric-level statistics, enabling educators to understand their students better. It has an in-built regrade request feature, allowing students to ask for regrades online, freeing up office hours for educators. Gradescope is user-centric and built by instructors intending to improve the grading experience. It offers a free basic plan with core functionalities and an institutional plan starting from $9.50 USD per user per year. The institutional plan includes exclusive features like additional assignment types, advanced rubrics, AI-powered roster matching, LMS integration, and dedicated training amongst others. With its robust feature set and unique savings in grading time, Gradescope serves as an essential tool for educators, ensuring efficient and effective grading and assessment management.


  • Log-in Anywhere, Anytime: Use your existing Gradescope account to deliver and grade assessments from anywhere for all subjects, using your current assignments.
  • Quick, Flexible Grading: Grade assignments quickly and flexibly - there's no need to alter your current assignments. Grade paper-based, digital, and code assignments in half the time.
  • Instant Feedback and AI-Assisted Grading: Deliver detailed feedback instantly with just one click. The system also supports AI-assisted grading that forms groups for you to review.
  • Robust Statistics: Gain valuable insight with question and rubric-level statistics. Helps you to understand what your students know. Easily export grades and data.
  • Online Regrade Requests: Manage regrade requests online instead of during office hours.
  • Built by Instructors: Gradescope was designed by instructors who understand your grading needs.
  • Two Plans - Basic and Institutional: Choose from two plans depending on your needs. The Institutional plan includes unique features such as AI-powered grading, anonymous grading, section management, additional assignment types, and advanced rubric functionality.


  • Gradescope offers two distinct plans: Basic and Institutional. Basic plan is a free version enabling features like Dynamic Rubrics, Question by Question Grading, Basic Assignment Types (including Student-uploaded and Instructor-uploaded PDF), Assignment Statistics, Regrade Requests, Data Export, Student Mobile App and Collaborative Grading with multiple staff members.
  • The Institutional plan extends its offerings with AI-Powered Grading, AI-Powered Roster Matching, Anonymous Grading, Section Management, Unpublish Course Grades, Additional Assignment Types (Programming, Online, Bubble Sheets), Duplicate Assignments, Advanced Rubric Functionality (Rubric Item Groups, Import, Create Before Submission), Advanced Annotation Functionality (Text Annotations, Pencil Colors), Code Similarity, Duplicate a Course, LMS Integration, Single Sign on (SSO), Administrator Dashboard, and Dedicated Onboarding and Training. Note that LMS Integration is not included in Institutional Trial.
  • The full set of these listed features is accessible by your institution through an Institutional Trial for one term. After the trial ends, your institution has the option to continue using the Basic plan for free.
  • For more information on the pricing details of the Institutional plan for your institution or to aid in securing an institutional license for you and your colleagues, Gradescope invites you to join their Advocate Program or otherwise encourages you to contact their team using the form provided on their website.

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