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Recognized by data-driven sales leaders worldwide, SetSail pioneers a comprehensive AI sales tool that provides deal alerts, meeting preparation, MEDDICC analyses, and critical insights that enhance the performance of sales reps. SetSail is tasked to authenticate the actual happenings, not just what is inputted in your CRM, paving the path for accurate, complete sales data. Its distinctive feature enables data sync back to its original source and successfully detects signals in your data, all with zero efforts from reps. SetSail also propels real-time analysis that aids sellers in their every meeting by detecting risk in deals and suggesting next steps.

SetSail revamps user experience by duplicating the best practices of top performers and reinforcing them through automated alerts and notifications. By doing so, it encourages better coaching and less micromanaging. The tool uses AI to analyze extensive sales details including sales emails, meeting transcripts, CRM data, and contact details among others. It goes beyond that and provides AI-powered preparation for meetings and deal insights. With SetSail, users no longer rely on traditional dashboards; they receive real-time valuable intelligence on how to forward deals via platforms they routinely use like email or Slack.

SetSail showcases integrations with other commonly used tools for a seamless experience. It secures sales data with an SOC 2 Type 2 certification, conducts regular third-party penetration testing, and ensures that their servers are shielded from unauthorized access. SetSail extends a free CRM Health Grader and their seat-based pricing model is noticeably transparent with no hidden costs.

With its focus on amplifying sales performance and preserving sales data, SetSail stands as a solid sales tool trusted globally. It is particularly praised for maintaining visibility and manipulating the most critical actions to modify rep behaviors.


  • Free CRM Health Grader: Identifies and fixes your worst CRM data challenges, providing a foundation of accurate and complete sales data.
  • Deal Alerts and Insights: Powered by AI analysis, SetSail pushes deal alerts, meeting prep, and other insights, directly helping reps win more deals.
  • Duplicate Top Performers: Understand the selling behaviors of your top performers and drive those practices across your sales team.
  • Chat-based Revenue Intelligence: Provides real-time insights directly in the chat, eliminating the need for manual dashboard checks.
  • AI Analyst for Revenue Teams:Get deal insights from every interaction and use those insights to drive revenue.
  • Improved Security Controls:Ensures your data is protected with the best privacy and security controls.
  • Better Data Quality and Accuracy: SetSail guarantees accurate and high-quality data, contributing to more effective sales strategies.
  • Compatibility with Complex SFDC Environments: SetSail can be easily configured in complex SFDC environments, providing flexibility and ease-of-use.


  • SetSail pricing model is primarily based on a seat-based approach. There are no hidden costs and all contracts are entirely transparent regarding the charges involved with our AI sales data platform.
  • SetSail is reputable and trusted by many organizations which is evident from various customer stories available on our website as well as positive reviews on
  • Additional information concerning the safeguarding of your sales activity data can be found at Ensuring the utmost security of user data is of paramount importance in our service model.
  • SetSail AI an AI-powered revenue analyst provides detailed reflections on your team’s performance, deals, and accounts. You control the insights and can customize the interfaces as per your needs. Real-time valuable intelligence is pushed to users via email or slack, enhancing convenience and user experience.

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