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Shutterstock stands as an industry-leading creative platform with its massive library of over 475 million digital assets encompassing images, videos, music, sound effects, and design templates. Leveraged by numerous professionals, businesses, and creatives worldwide, Shutterstock offers a wide array of content to cater to various creative needs and requirements.

The platform is uniquely empowered by advanced AI tools including a 'Text to Image' generator, 'Background Remover', 'Object Remover', and 'Image Enhancer', redefining content creation, editing, and enhancement. Furthermore, Shutterstock offers a variety of ready-made design templates and streamlines the process of downloading chosen media in desired resolution, ensuring a quick and easy access to high-quality content.

Shutterstock is designed to fit diverse needs and budgets with its flexible pricing plans. From single purchases to monthly subscriptions, Shutterstock constantly adapts to meet users' specific demands. Its plans range from $199 for a single image to $120 per year for a Creative Flow+ Subscription. Video and Music Pricing start at $299 for 5 SD video downloads, reaching up to $2,299 for 25 4K downloads, with music licenses available from $49 for standard and $199 for premium tracks.

With its impressive array of digital assets, user-friendly interface, exclusive AI tools, and adjustable pricing, Shutterstock proves to be an indispensable platform for professionals and creatives on a global scale, helping millions effectively convey their narrative through quality content.


  • Content Types: Offers a variety of digital content including images, videos, editorial content, music and sound effects, and design templates.
  • AI Tools: Shutterstock offers AI tools like Text to Image, Background Remover, Object Remover, and Image Enhancer for content generation and enhancement.
  • Plans and Pricing: Shutterstock provides flexible pricing plans, including Image Pack, Subscription Plans, Editorial Pricing, Video and Music Pricing, and Creative Flow+ Subscription.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The interface of Shutterstock is easy to navigate with intuitive drop-down menus and a large search field.
  • Stock Libraries: Comprehensive library consisting of over 400 million photos, 28 million video clips, music tracks, sound effects, and templates.
  • Downloading Media: Allows easy downloading of content in desired resolution, making access to high-quality content quick and easy.
  • Pros and Cons: Shutterstock has a vast library, advanced AI tools, user-friendly interface and flexible pricing but has complex pricing options and high-cost premium content is not hidden by default.
  • Alternatives: Competes with other platforms like Unsplash, Burst by Shopify, and Adobe Stock offering high-quality digital assets.


  • For singular image needs, Shutterstock offers Single Image Plans for $199 per image.
  • For bulk image needs, they provide 25 Image Packs Plan for $99.16 per image which can be accessed for one year.
  • Subscription Plans for regular users comes in three categories - 10 Images Monthly at £19.99/month, 50 Images Monthly at £89/month, and 350 Images Monthly at £99/month.
  • Editorial Pricing ranges from Single Image packs for $199 to 25 Image Packs pricing at $99 per image.
  • Video and Music Pricing includes Video Packs that starts at $299 for 5 SD downloads to $2,299 for 25 4K downloads and Music Licenses priced at $49 for standard tracks and $199 for premium tracks.
  • They provide Creative Flow+ Subscription for pricing of $13 per month and $120 per year.

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