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Textio- Features, Pricing & Use Cases

Meet Textio, a revolutionary AI-powered tool transforming the way we approach performance reviews. By eliminating busywork, Textio creates stronger team dynamics through the delivery of meaningful, actionable feedback. Used by many leading companies, it redefines the feedback process, fosters professional growth, and drives the success of businesses. It also provides training support that ensures valuable and practical feedback replaces generic, typically unused responses. With Textio, everyone benefits from trusted and verified insights.

Textio stands apart with its uniquely developed features, enabling managers to deliver more confident and constructive feedback. By equipping managers with Textio, instances of unhelpful feedback have reportedly decreased by more than 50%, resulting in employees receiving improved, actionable feedback. This consequently saves numerous hours previously wasted on manual review audits.

Textio integrates seamlessly alongside your daily work tools, elevating the feedback process to an easeful experience. It provides anonymous and bias-free outcomes by automatically stripping personal identification information from its content. Furthermore, its state-of-the-art security measures ensure the safety and protection of userโ€™s data.

In efforts to build responsible AI since 2014, Textio has been leading on a global level. Recognized by the likes of Fortune magazine, Fast Company, and Inc, Textio's team comprised of diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences has been instrumental in shaping its remarkable products. It undertakes a mindful approach in mitigating bias, accounting for it in training data, and preventing it in generating AI output.

Textio consistently publishes groundbreaking research on performance feedback and workplace bias. It strives to provide managers with superhero-level support in delivering superhuman feedback. Whether youโ€™re interested in Textio's AI, Textio Lift for performance feedback, or Textio Loop for inclusive job posts, Textio remains your go-to resource. Pricing is available on request, presenting an affordable solution to strengthen your feedback and review process.


  • AI-Powered Performance Review: Textio brings transformative change to performance reviews, making every word helpful and actionable. You haven't seen impact like this before.
  • Boost Your Team's Impact: Goodbye, busywork. Textio AI steers teams towards success with actionable feedback, fostering trust in the feedback process and paving the way for exponential business growth.
  • Textio Verified: Confidence is key in feedback processes. With Textio, managers write more confidently, employees get actionable feedback they trust, and it's a win for everyone.
  • Reduce Problematic Feedback: Using Textio can lead to a reduction in problematic feedback by over 50%, creating a healthier and more constructive feedback environment.
  • Improved Feedback Utility: Textio ensures that every feedback gets used. This is a striking departure from today's norm where most feedback never gets utilized.
  • Industry-Leading Responsible AI: Since 2014, Textio has been a global leader in developing responsible AI thatโ€™s trained with real-world outcomes for HR processes.
  • Securing Your Data: With Textio, your data is always kept private, with content automatically stripped of PII like names, email addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Bias-Free Results: Textio Verified scans the results from LLMs and removes bias, ensuring that the AI-generated text is safe to use.
  • Accounting for Bias in AI: Textio has in-built bias mitigation and quality assurance process at every step of development, accounting for bias in training data, measuring bias in classification, and preventing bias in generative AI output.


  • Textio pricing is available on request. Please contact us for further information.
Last Updated
July 5, 2024 17:08

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