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Slidebean revolutionizes the startup world with its all-in-one pitch deck software, harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence to streamline the process of building engaging pitch decks. Used by founders globally, Slidebean has contributed to raising over $300 million in funding and has already satisfied over 500 clients. The platform offers a variety of features including AI Pitch Deck builder, automated design, analytics, and valuable collaboration tools. Slidebean's unique advantage comes from its innovative features that cater to the specific needs of the users. The AI Pitch Deck Software simplifies the presentation-building process, creating pitch decks that are visually appealing and informative. Moreover, the platform's diverse range of templates, populated financial model templates, and CRM tools enrich the user experience, ensuring startup founders are well-prepared for investor meetings. The platform offers integrations with commonly used tools, thus allowing seamless flow during the presentation process. Other notable features include an investor finder that suggests potential investors based on your business's location, industry, and stage. Slidebean also provides a consulting service for added support in perfecting your presentation. Slidebean offers a free trial period, as well as a basic plan for just $12 USD per month, giving unlimited access to their AI pitch deck builder, financial modeling, and more. Plus, a premium plan priced at $99 per month adds value with a kick-off call with the CEO and access to the LIVE Financial Modeling Bootcamp. Trusted by a global clientele for its user-friendly interface and AI-centric features, Slidebean continues to be the go-to platform for startups aiming for successful investor meetings.


  • AI Pitch Deck Software: Slidebean's AI technology simplifies and speeds up the process of building a pitch deck, resulting in compelling presentations.
  • Pitch Deck Services: Along with an AI-powered presentation tool, Slidebean offers a remarkable range of services, including financials, subscription tracking, and consulting.
  • Collaboration and Analytics: Work collaboratively on your pitch decks and leverage analytics to measure engagement and refine your presentations.
  • Satisfied Clients: Over 500 founders and startups have successfully used Slidebean for their pitch decks and presentations.
  • Impressive Funding Raised: Slidebean clients have raised more than $300 million in funds.
  • Investor Finder Tool: This feature scours the internet for potential investors based on your location, industry, and stage, helping your startup connect with the right investors.
  • Pricing Plans: Provides affordable Self-service and Accelerate pricing plans, with features like access to AI pitch deck software, templates, fundraising tools, financial modeling bootcamp, and monthly investor prep with the Slidebean team.
  • Positive Reviews: Slidebean has received positive feedback for its AI integration, ease of use, and the value it offers to startups.


  • The All-Access subscription of Slidebean offers self-service access to their AI pitch deck software, templates, extensive library of fundraising tools, unlimited AI Pitch Deck builder access, 100+ startup Pitch Deck templates, the ability to track views when sharing your Pitchdock, pre-populated Financial Model templates, Investor Finder + CRM tools, and [Beta] unlimited AI Pitch Deck reviews. This pricing plan costs $12/month when billed annually.
  • For more extensive support, the Accelerate plan includes everything in the All-Access subscription, plus a kick-off call with the CEO, access to the LIVE Financial Modeling Bootcamp, monthly investor prep with their team, pitch deck writing team support, and financial modeling team consultation. This pricing plan costs $99/month and can be canceled at any time.
  • Slidebean provides all users access to a basic plan that allows one to try their presentation platform without needing a credit card. This allows users to create presentations and learn some of the features in their suite.
  • Testimonials by satisfied clients attest for the value of Slidebean's pricing plans. Vishnu, a founder, found their AI-powered presentation tool and side products like financials and monthly consulting very valuable. Spencer M, an entrepreneur, believes that Slidebean is the best money he has spent on his startup. Edmon Rakipi from OppZone Consulting notes that Slidebean provides one of the easiest tools to utilize, with great metrics for your decks and AI integration for when you need inspiration.

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