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Discover your new AI-powered advocate in the legal sphere - Casetext. Powered by GPT-4, Casetext is a highly reliable tool that uses artificial intelligence to assist in legal matters. With phenomenal feedback from thousands of users worldwide, Casetext has proven to be indispensable in prompt case qualification, helping expedite the justice delivery process.

Casetext's impressive suite of features includes drafting correspondence, reviewing documents, preparing for depositions, conducting legal research, and more, giving it a diverse range of applications in various facets of legal practice. It also aids in tasks such as extracting contract data and conducting compliance checks, making it a comprehensive tool for legal professionals.

Beyond its core features, Casetext also provides a suite of skills including the ability to summarize complex legal documents into everyday language, conduct in-depth searches on a detailed database, and identify policy compliance or breach in contracts. By automating many tedious and time-consuming tasks, Casetext allows legal practices to be more effective and efficient.

Integrated into common law firm tools, Casetext is user-friendly and seamlessly woven into the workflow of any law practice. With the availability of various pricing plans and a free trial to get started, Casetext is not just comprehensive and powerful, but also affordable. Undeniably, Casetext is on the cutting edge of legal technology, transforming the practice of law for the future.

With its unparalleled expertise, commitment to substance over hype, and ability to deliver reliable rigor, Casetext is greatly trusted and highly regarded by law firms around the world. Explore the power of AI in law with Casetext today.


  • AI Legal Assistant: Meet CoCounsel, the world's first reliable AI legal assistant. Powered by GPT-4, it can assist in drafting correspondence, reviewing documents, conducting legal research, preparing depositions, extracting contract data, ensuring contract policy compliance, summarizing documents, and searching databases.
  • Time-saving Qualification: With CoCounsel, you can substantially cut down the time-consuming task of case qualification, thereby accelerating your ability to assist clients and potentially preserve their freedom.
  • Unparalleled Expertise: Casetext, the pioneer in AI for the law, offers unparalleled expertise in the field, transforming practices with substance, reliable rigor, and forward-thinking innovation.
  • Deposition Preparation: CoCounsel provides a thorough deposition outline in no time. Just describe the deponent and what’s at issue and let the tool do the rest.
  • Contract Analysis: Review contracts line by line and ask questions. CoCounsel will provide an answer to those questions for each contract, ensuring thorough review and policy compliance.
  • Document Overview: Get a clear and straightforward overview of any document through CoCounsel’s summarizing capability, helping you understand complex legal jargon in simple everyday language.
  • Respected and Trusted: Relied on by over 10,000+ law firms, Casetext is a trusted partner in leveraging AI for efficient legal practice.


  • Pricing for Casetext and its AI legal assistant CoCounsel is available upon request.

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