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Redefining the scope of outbound sales, emerges as a potent prospecting tool driven by advanced generative AI. This tool is recognized for its stellar performance on G2, facilitating businesses to automate their prospecting process effectively. By employing AI Sales Agents that operate round the clock, expedites audience discovery, outbound prioritization, and dynamic audience engagement, making it the bedrock of Go-to-Market (GTM) strategies globally. Users can effortlessly input AI prompts to customize and ensure that every message strikes the right chord with the recipient. distinguishes itself with a plethora of innovative features, facilitating everything from content generation to automating time-consuming tasks. The concept of scalable 'AI Agents' replaces repetitive steps in the prospecting procedure, granting greater control over the process and prioritizing high-intent leads. Not adhering to the per-user pricing model,'s affordable pricing is centered on the distinct use-case of each AI Agent, thereby providing an excellent return on investment.

Boasting of seamless integrations with Salesforce,, and numerous intent data providers, unifies the core revenue technologies, strategically optimizing the sales process. The ingenious Auto-Pilot feature diminishes the dependency on mass emails, targeting potential leads based on intent signals while tuning the content and cadence for refined engagement. With the ability to engage untapped market segments and book meetings autonomously, Auto-Pilot is a boon for sales teams seeking to scale effectively. is trusted by top B2B brands, delivering promising results in enhancing the sales performance and seamlessly fitting into any sales rep's routine. It's not just about functionality but also the brand commitment to securing full-funnel brand protection and ensuring every interaction matches your brand's voice. Rapid Writer and the Bolt further simplify the sales process, producing sales-ready pitches in no time. With's 'Auto-Pilot' feature, put your prospecting on auto-pilot mode and watch your business soar!


  • AI-Driven Prospecting Tool: uses generative AI and automation to streamline prospecting, making it easier for businesses and providing a better experience for buyers.
  • Auto-Pilot Agents: Designed like virtual SDRs, these AI agents work around the clock to autonomously discover target accounts, generate relevant content, and engage with prospects, relieving sales reps of repetitive tasks.
  • Intelligent Outbound Prioritization: By utilizing engagement and intent data, ensures the most promising prospects are prioritized for outreach, maximizing the likelihood of booking meetings.
  • Revenue Technology Stack Unification: simplifies your revops strategy by integrating with your core RevTech systems, automating prospecting tasks and booking meetings for your sales team.
  • Automated Pipeline Generation: gives sales reps more time to focus on high-value sales activities by automating top of funnel prospecting, including audience building, content creation, and sequence management.
  • Full Funnel Brand Protection: With our AI sales email generator and customizable prompts, every message sent by is brand-consistent and contextual, ensuring a proactive brand management.
  • Personalized Customer Engagement: With features like the 3x3 personalizer, Rapid Writer and The Bolt, our Generative AI system can craft highly personalized outreach messages in minutes or even seconds.
  • AI Agent Pricing: Our pricing model is based on specific use cases, offering maximum value and efficiency by eliminating the need for multiple user seats. AI Agents are available for $50k per use case, regardless of your sales team size.


  • offers AI Agents for prospecting at $50k per use case, designed to scale outbound activity without increasing your sales team size. These AI Agents are not priced per-user, making them cost-effective for teams of all sizes.
  • Auto-Pilot Agents are an advanced feature that drastically enhances sales prospecting by prioritizing leads based on intent signals and dynamically adjusting the outreach's cadence and content. It also assures brand-consistency in outreach.
  • For those looking for a more hands-on approach, offers its Co-Pilot product that helps substantially in personalizing rep emails, without fully automating the process.
  • Additional products for higher efficiency include the 3x3 personalizer, which finds relevant information on a buyer in under three minutes for highly personalized outreach, Rapid Writer for quick content generation based on unique value propositions, and The Bolt for high volume SMB sales.

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