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eBrevia- Features, Pricing & Use Cases

eBrevia offers AI-driven contract review software, used to accelerate the contract review process and empower teams worldwide. Known for its versatile use-cases and robust document management capabilities, eBrevia's tool can scan over 50 documents in under a minute. It achieves a significant time saving of between 30% to 90% when compared to manual review, yielding more accuracy and efficiency.

What sets eBrevia apart is the advanced natural language processing technology fused with machine learning, which enables it to recognize patterns in language and identify key concepts in documents. Its unique feature is its trainability, allowing non-tech professionals to customize the tool to detect specific data points and provisions, aligning the tool to meet unique business needs. The tool also includes features such as table extraction, provision language comparison, and data exportation for actionable summaries.

In addition to its high-speed processing and customization, eBrevia also integrates well with common tools like Venue, SharePoint, Box, iManage, Salesforce, and more. It secures data with powerful encryption and holds a SOC 2 Type 2 certification, providing bank-grade security. With a host of options ranging from cloud deployment to on-premise depending on your needs, eBrevia is flexible and adapts to your business needs.

Endorsed by some of the fastest-growing companies for speeding up contract reviewing, eBrevia is a powerful and convenient tool that transforms, speeds, and aligns how your organization creates, negates, manages, and analyzes agreements. For detailed pricing information, a request can be made directly to the provider.


  • Custom-Trainable AI Software: eBreviaโ€™s AI-powered software is custom-trainable for a wide range of use cases, facilitating the contract review process and saving valuable time for legal and business teams.
  • Automated Contract Analysis: This feature automates the extraction of key provisions and data points from thousands of documents within minutes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
  • Digital Contract Management Solution: With eBrevia, you can scan 50+ documents within 1 minute, extract complex tables, compare provision language against a standard, review information on robust dashboards, among other innovative solutions to manage your contracts digitally.
  • Integrations: eBrevia offers out-of-the-box integrations for SharePoint, Venue and other VDRs, Salesforce, iManage, Box, and more to work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.
  • Premium Security: Bank-grade security, powerful encryption, and SOC 2 Type 2 Certification ensure the safety of your data and documents.
  • eBrevia DraftPro: A unique platform powered by AI that revolutionizes the creation, management, execution, and analysis of agreements; It empowers both your legal staff and all other staff in your organization.
  • Customizability: Non-technical users can easily train the AI to detect custom provisions and data points. Same-day deployment with cloud or on-premise options, and open API for customization.


  • Join the fastest-growing companies and automate contract reviews with eBrevia. Reap the benefits of significant time and cost savings.
  • Explore our powerful, AI-powered contract analysis software that allows you to extract key data points and provisions from thousands of documents within minutes.
  • Invest in our innovative machine learning technology that offers advanced features such as scanning 50+ documents within 1 minute, enabling a 30-90% faster review process, and the ability to catch more key information and extract complex tables.
  • Access our secure, bank-grade encryption platform that comes with pre-trained provisions and offers the flexibility of detecting custom provisions and data points by non-technical users. Opt for same-day deployment with our cloud solution or go on-premise based on your needs.
Last Updated
July 5, 2024 17:07

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