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Zapier offers a robust automation platform that is capable of connecting numerous apps and automating workflows, significantly increasing efficiency and saving time and resources. Used by more than 2.2 million businesses across the world, including 87% of Forbes Cloud 100 companies, Zapier grants businesses the ability to streamline processes through its impressive array of over 7,000 app integrations.

The selling point of Zapier can be seen in its advanced features which allow for extensive user personalization. With the ability to automate workflows through 'Zaps', create custom pages through 'Interfaces', enhance processes with AI-powered tools, and much more, users have the opportunity to tailor their processes according to their unique needs. The addition of 'Tables' serves as a database for workflow automation, while the upcoming features like 'Canvas', 'AI Chatbot', and 'Central' are set to further bolster Zapier's automation capabilities.

Moreover, Zapier unifies functionality across various departments, offering solutions for RevOps, Marketing, IT, Sales, Customer Support, and Leaders. By providing tailor-made solutions for different teams, it helps in bringing about improved efficiency in every facet of the organization. Zapier's offerings also include a comprehensive range of use cases from lead management to project management and from sales pipeline management to customer support.

Zapier offers a free plan for basic workflow automation, and premium plans starting from $19.99 USD per month, which include features like multi-step Zaps, premium app access, and email support. At an advanced level, the 'Enterprise Plan' provides a comprehensive suite of high-end features with custom pricing.

With its diverse array of features and dedication to advancing automation processes, Zapier is a trusted and reliable platform that caters to a wide range of businesses, from small businesses to global enterprises.


  • Zaps: Automate workflows by connecting apps with triggers and actions.
  • Tables: Use databases designed for workflow automation.
  • App Integrations: Connect with over 7,000 apps to streamline processes.
  • AI Automation: Upgrade your workflows with AI-powered tools for efficiency.
  • Custom Logic: Apply conditions, filters, and paths to add complexity to your workflows.
  • Data Formatting: Customize workflows with no-code data formatting, code steps, and webhooks.
  • Solutions by Team:Offers automation solutions tailored for RevOps, Marketing, IT, Sales, Customer Support, and Leaders.
  • Use Cases: Optimized for various use cases including Lead Management, Sales Pipeline, Marketing Campaigns, Customer Support, Data Management, Project Management, and Tickets and Incidents.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans: Offers a range of plans from a Free Plan to an Enterprise Plan with custom pricing. All paid plans include unlimited Zaps, Two-Step Zaps, and AI Power-Ups.
  • Highly Recommended: Trusted by more than 2.2 million businesses worldwide, including 87% of Forbes Cloud 100 companies.


  • Zapier's Free Plan offers basic workflow automation with 100 tasks per month at no cost.
  • Professional Plan, starting at $19.99/month, provides more advanced features including multi-step Zaps, access to premium apps, and email support.
  • The Team Plan, priced from $69/month, allows for shared workspaces, unlimited users, and includes premier support.
  • Enterprise Plan features custom pricing tailored to meet unique business needs. It comes with more advanced functions like admin permissions, annual task limits, SAML SSO, and dedicated technical support.
  • All the paid plans come with unlimited Zaps creation as long as within the task limit, two-step Zaps for simple task automation, and AI Power-Ups for customized Zaps with code steps, data mapping, and troubleshooting.

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