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Reclaim AI- Features, Pricing & Use Cases

Reclaim AI is an innovative, AI-driven scheduling tool engineered to streamline your meetings, work tasks, and boost overall productivity. Favoured by hundreds of professionals globally, Reclaim AI empowers users to efficiently manage their time, protect focus to work uninterrupted, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Its advanced features allow for seamless integration with personal and professional calendars, optimising time slots to minimise disruptions. Task scheduling is made seamless with easy integration with task management tools.

Reclaim AI's unique selling point lies in it AI-powered scheduling feature. The 'Smart Meetings' aspect automatically arranges meetings at the optimal times for all participants, ensuring participant convenience and productive collaboration. Additionally, its 'Task Scheduling' and 'Focus Time Defense' features set aside blocks of uninterrupted work time, integrated with your task management tools to ensure your work is efficiently scheduled around your meetings.

The tool is also capable of integrating with popular team collaboration applications such as Slack, Asana, ClickUp, Jira, Zoom and Google Meet, keeping you in sync with your team's activities and promoting improved coordination. The 'Team Analytics' feature further provides insights concerning team productivity and the efficiency level of meetings.

Reclaim AI offers a free, forever plan with basic features, and premium plans starting from $8 USD per month. This flexible pricing with varying benefits under each plan makes it an affordable and feasible option for individuals and teams alike. Its premium plans offer several additional benefits including unlimited integrations, unlimited Smart Meetings, People Analytics & Time Tracking, and preferred scheduling range.

With a commitment to optimising productivity and simplifying the scheduling process, Reclaim AI is an affordable and reliable solution, trusted by professionals and organizations worldwide.


  • AI Scheduling and Time Management: Includes smart meeting functionality, focus time defense, task scheduling, calendar sync, and meeting optimization.
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration: Integrates with Slack, Asana, ClickUp, Jira, Todoist, Zoom, and Google Meet. Also provides team analytics.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans: Offers Lite, Starter, Business, and Enterprise pricing options to meet different team sizes and needs.
  • Customer Testimonials: Users report improved focus, time management, productivity, and satisfaction with the automatic scheduling features.
  • Boost Productivity: Automates scheduling and defends focus time in order to optimize output.
  • Improve Work-Life Balance: Smart scheduling assists in avoiding burnout and protecting personal time.
  • Optimize Team Meetings: Advanced prioritization controls ensure efficient meeting schedules.
  • Integrate with Existing Tools: Seamlessly connects with popular task and communication platforms.
  • Scalable for Teams: Designed to grow with your organization, with advanced features for larger teams.


  • Free Lite Plan offers AI scheduling and time management features including 1 user, 1 scheduling link, 1 smart meeting, 3 habits, 1 calendar sync, limited integrations, unlimited time tracking and tasks, and a 3-week scheduling range.
  • Starter Plan priced at $8 per seat/month is designed for small teams, offering up to 10 seats, 3 scheduling links, 3 smart meetings, 3 attendee users/seat for group smart meetings, unlimited habits and calendar sync, unlimited integrations, people analytics & time tracking, and an 8-week scheduling range.
  • Business Plan, at a cost of $12 per seat/month, is suitable for larger teams with a cap of 100 seats, providing unlimited scheduling links, smart meetings, 6 attendee users/seat for group smart meetings, unlimited habits & calendar sync, unlimited integrations, people analytics & time tracking, delegated access, and a 12-week scheduling range.
  • Enterprise Plan priced at $18 per seat/month offers scalable solutions for enterprise teams with over 100 seats, including all the features of the Business Plan plus 10 attendee users/seat for group smart meetings, SSO & SCIM user provisioning, enhanced support, security features, and custom onboarding and domain capture.

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