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Codiga delivers robust and customizable static code analysis that is designed to seamlessly integrate into your IDE and CI/CD pipelines. Adopted by countless developers worldwide, Codiga enhances the quality and security of your code by implementing custom analysis rules, identifying vulnerabilities, and conducting automated code reviews. The tool supports most popular languages and libraries and can adapt to your unique code base and patterns.

What sets Codiga apart is its user-defined static code analysis rules. The 'Codiga Hub' allows users to design, test, and share new code analysis rules in as little as five minutes. Users can choose to share their rules publicly or within their own team, fostering collaboration and standardization. Additionally, its real-time, instantaneous code analysis provides immediate feedback on potential issues, with suggested fixes available directly in your IDE.

Codiga is not just limited to your IDE, it also supports platforms such as GitHub, Gitlab, and Bitbucket, offering wide-ranging adaptability. Key features include infrastructure code analysis, support for 12+ languages, automated security fixes, and a comprehensive database of code snippets. Codiga places a strong emphasis on security with support for OWASP 10, MITRE CWE, and Sans/CWE Top 25, and even the capability to detect leaked secrets in your code.

With its robust cloud-based platform and reporting system, Codiga allows you to monitor your code quality in real-time, providing insights into violations, duplicates, long, and complex functions. It offers a freemium plan with basic features and a premium plan starting at $14 USD per month, which includes additional benefits like unrestricted use and faster processing speeds. With its dedication to improving code quality and security, Codiga is a trusted tool among developers and professionals around the globe.


  • Customizable Static Code Analysis: Adopts to your codebase and code patterns, works seamlessly in your IDE, CI/CD pipelines, and provides instantaneous feedback on your code with fixes in real-time.
  • Your Code, Your Rules: Allows you to create, test, and share new code analysis rules in less than 5 minutes. You can also use rules from the Codiga Hub.
  • Security Analysis: Protects your code from the most common threats and software vulnerabilities with coverage for OWASP 10, MITRE CWE, and Sans/CWE Top 25. Automatically fixes security issues and detects leaked secrets such as SSH keys and API tokens in your code.
  • Automated Code Reviews: Ensures high-quality code by analyzing each pull request and flagging any code violations, duplications, or complex functions. Codiga checks your code before pushing to avoid issues.
  • Code Snippets: Provides a platform to create and share smart code snippets within your team or with the world. Gives you access to a large collection of code snippets directly in your IDE.
  • Codiga in the Software Development Life Cycle: Supports you at every step, from writing software in your IDE to code production. It also maintains a historical analysis of all errors for each commit of your code.
  • Wide Language and Library Support: Supports more than 12 languages and the most popular libraries, making it versatile for different coding environments.
  • Affordable Premium Plans: Codiga offers value for money with its premium plans, providing a wealth of features and multi-branch support. It offers free trial option for users.


  • Codiga offers a free Basic plan with limited features for individual usage.
  • Premium offering is called the Teams plan, which costs $12.00 per month if paid monthly or $14.00 per month if paid annually. This plan is designed for better customization, analysis, and collaboration, and offers advantages like automated code reviews, customizable static code analysis rules, real-time security analysis, and more.
  • Codiga offers a static code analysis which supports more than 12 popular languages and as many as 1800+ rules. This provides greater agility and flexibility for different development requirements.
  • One of the distinguishing features of the premium Teams plan is the provision to create, test, and share new code analysis rules, and share rules within the team, thus promoting better code practices and consistency.

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