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Copilot AI- Features, Pricing & Use Cases

CoPilot AI is a potent AI-powered sales enablement tool trusted by a broad spectrum of growth-focused sales teams and agencies to achieve consistent revenue growth. Its primary functionality lies in leveraging the immense potential of LinkedIn to target and convert high-quality prospects in a scalable and personalized manner. Relevant to diverse industries from B2B Sales and Marketing to HR and Financial Services, CoPilot AI is adept at optimizing the full sales cycle, initiating with high-intent LinkedIn leads ready to convert.

Uniquely designed features of CoPilot AI include efficient outbound sales strategies such as identifying high-quality LinkedIn leads that match business objectives, broadening audience reach through automated LinkedIn message sequences, easy team collaboration, ranking and prioritizing leads, and an assurance of LinkedIn profile safety. The platform also offers capabilities to learn prospects' communication styles, auto-generate personalized messages and analyze sales processes for improved efficiency.

Aligning with the new age of digital transformations, CoPilot AI integrates AI-powered tools to streamline meeting management, provide insights into team performance, and aid in strategic conversion. Offered in different pricing plans tailored to individual, team, or organizational needs, CoPilot AI helps sales teams and business owners elevate their customer acquisition strategies at a starting cost of $2,808 USD per year.

With a commitment to bridging the gap between leads and conversions, CoPilot AI emerges as a reliable sales solution, resonating with a vast clientele. It proudly stands by its promise of connecting professionals with the right leads in an efficient and humanized manner. With CoPilot AI on your team, you can focus on building meaningful relationships and driving business growth.


  • AI-Powered Sales Enablement Tool: CoPilot AI uses AI technology to prospect, engage, and convert LinkedIn leads, helping B2B sales teams and agencies achieve consistent revenue growth.
  • Prospecting and Engagement Optimization: Your prospecting is put on autopilot, allowing you to target the right people and streamline your engagement strategy.
  • Meeting Management Simplified: Easily track and manage your confirmed meetings and send results directly to your CRM.
  • Unwavering Safety: Engage with leads on LinkedIn without compromising your profile's security.
  • Intelligent Prospect Analysis: Identify and prioritize your leads based on their intent to book a meeting or their communication style.
  • Automated Personalized Messages: Send personalized and engaging messages at scale with one click.
  • Sales Cycle Insight: Access AI-powered tools and hands-on support for insights into your sales cycle.
  • Suits Various Industries: CoPilot AI adapts to various industries, including B2B Sales, marketing, HR, and financial services.
  • Trusted by Thousands: Join the thousands of clients already using CoPilot AI to drive remarkable growth for their business.
  • Flexible Pricing Options: Affordable plans tailored for businesses looking to enhance customer acquisition on LinkedIn and expand their revenue streams.


  • The standard plan pricing starts from $2,808 per year which is billed annually, ideal for sales professionals and business owners intending to accelerate customer acquisition on LinkedIn.
  • The Whites-label plan is priced at $3,528 annually and is well-suited for organizations striving to expand their revenue streams. The prices mentioned are for annual subscriptions, but monthly plans are also available.
  • CoPilot AI offers two types of campaigns, prospecting & nurturing for your outreach. The nurturing campaign sends messages to your first-degree LinkedIn connections to stay top of mind and follow-up with your connections over the long-term.
  • CoPilot AI White-label plan allows businesses to offer our social prospecting platform to their clients under their branding. This plan provides you with the ability to customize the platform with your brand and logo and sell it to your clients.

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