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Evisort- Features, Pricing & Use Cases

Evisort brings the unparalleled power of AI to contract management, offering deep insights, quick ROI, and effortless compliance. Utilized by businesses worldwide, Evisort empowers teams to fully understand their contracts, automate processes, and swiftly implement customized business solutions. Languages and departments vary, but Evisort is universal, making it a trustworthy tool for diverse teams and use cases. Evisort's unique selling point lies in its advanced features that cater to user specific needs. Their Document X-Rayโ„ข and Generative AI features offer deep contract insights and highly efficient contract redlining and analysis. The AI-powered workflows can be self-configured, which greatly simplifies the process, saving manual effort and time. With integrations to various systems such as Salesforce, SAP Ariba, Box, Sharepoint, and many more, Evisort not only analyzes but also connects contract data across systems, making it easier for teams to get the most out of their contracts. It offers a risk-free trial to test its efficacy on your contracts, empowering businesses to streamline workflows, reduce risk, and accelerate operations. Evisort is relied upon by legal professionals from global brands for the valuable insights it provides. Regarded as a visionary in contract lifecycle management (CLM), Evisort has garnered a 'Customer's Choice' in the Gartner Peer Insightsโ„ข for CLM, indicating its widespread recognition and reliability. Its continuous commitment to improving the AI-powered contract management experience makes Evisort a transformative business solution.


  • Evisort: The unparalleled leader in Contract AI that provides the latest insights on AI and CLM surfacing deep contract insights with Copilot and Evisort. Watch Evisort in action for real-time performance.
  • ROI: Achieve fast ROI, save manual effort, automate compliance, and customize your business processes. Evisort is known to generate significant ROI within a month of implementation.
  • Document X-Rayโ„ข: A unique Evisort tool designed to deliver AI-native Contract Lifecycle Management. It's a sophisticated and cost-effective solution that can transform your contract management capabilities.
  • Integrations: Evisort integrates smoothly with Microsoft Copilot and numerous other platforms, ensuring seamless contract management across multiple systems.
  • Customer Feedback: Trusted by savvy legal professionals at global brands, Evisort's high-quality AI and advanced features like generative AI for contract redlining and analysis have received high praise.
  • Performance: Evisort simplifies contract management at every stage, tracking everything, eliminating unnecessary processes, and efficiently managing consent preferences. Performance cookies help analyze site usage and improve the overall user experience.
  • Evisort for all types of teams and use cases: Whether you are part of the legal, sales, procurement, or finance teams, Evisort has you covered with customized AI solutions for different departments and use cases.
  • Resources: Access Evisort's resource library for expert-led research, whitepapers, and more. Stay up-to-date with the latest Evisort news and discover key contract management and analytics terms.


  • Evisort doesn't provide a free version but offers a personalized pricing plan available on request. This would be tailored to the needs of the business ensuring an adequate return on investment for customers.
  • The ROI has been significant for prior customers, who've reported savings on hundreds of hours of manual processes and have experienced a rapid ingestion and search functionality for their contracts.
  • Features of purchasing the paid version of Evisort includes access to its AI-native platform for end-to-end contract lifecycle management, contract analysis and insights using AI, automation of manual tasks and workflows and advanced functionality for managing contracts.
  • Other key features as part of the pricing include Document X-Ray and Conversation AI, data synchronisation across other systems like Salesforce, SAP Ariba, Box, Sharepoint etc, automated redlining, risk analysis and total visibility and accountability as well as training and support for custom AI models. The exact pricing details and features would be discussed during the personalised consultation.
Last Updated
July 5, 2024 17:07

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