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Descript offers an innovative AI-powered, all-in-one video editor designed to make video creation as simple as text editing. Used by over 6 million creators and teams worldwide, Descript allows users to edit audio and video by manipulating text, and arrange visuals like a slideshow. This intuitive, flexible platform is empowering users to generate immersive and engaging video content without needing to learn new tools.

What sets Descript apart are its AI superpowers that handle the monotonous tasks, leaving the creative process in the user's hands. Some of its advanced features include AI-driven clip suggestions for viral content creation, instant noise removal and voice enhancement, automated translation, filler words removal, and green screen capabilities. It also includes a transcription feature which can transcribe audio or video files in moments, and an easy-to-use captions addition tool.

Descript seamlessly integrates with several commonly used content creation tools, making it effortlessly fit into any creative workflow. It also provides a range of applications from creating video content for YouTube, crafting podcasts, and producing catchy social media clips. It is equally efficient for team-level use, allowing you to quickly scale up your video content production for various channels - marketing, educational, or internal.

Descript offers pricing flexibility with a free plan, providing access to basic features and limited trials of AI features, and premium plans starting from $12 USD per month, providing access to additional hourly transcriptions, watermark-free exports, and more AI features. Whether you're an aspiring creator or a professional, Descript makes it easier and quicker for everyone to produce top-quality videos.

With its advanced AI capabilities and comprehensive features, Descript is a trusted, affordable and efficient video editing tool, reshaping the process of video creation.


  • AI-Powered Video Editor: Descript is the AI-powered, fully featured, end-to-end video editor that you already know how to use. A video editor that works like docs and slides, no need to learn a new tool.
  • Edit Audio and Video by Editing Text: Cut, copy, and paste. Type to generate words in your voice using AI speech. Arrange visuals like a slide deck. Use templates and layouts to quickly make stuff that looks good.
  • Record, Edit, Collaborate, and Publish: Descript covers your full workflow. Its AI editorial assistant tackles the tedium and leaves the creative stuff to you.
  • AI Superpowers at Every Step: From choosing clips most likely to go viral to blazing-fast AI translation to regenerative AI for sound enhancement, Descript's AI capabilities are utilized at every step.
  • One Tool for All Platforms: With Descript, you can create video content, podcasts, and clips without needing multiple subscriptions to different tools. It's built for all creators, from aspiring to professional.
  • Affordable Plans: Descript comes with different pricing plans to match your needs, starting from free to a Pro plan unlocking advanced AI-powered creativity. All plans come with a range of features providing value for money.


  • Descript offers a free version that includes 1 transcription hour per month, the ability to export in 720p with watermarks, a limited trial of Basic AI features and AI Speech.
  • Creator plan, priced at $12 per person per month (billed annually), offers 10 transcription hours per month, 4k watermark-free export, 20 uses per month of the Basic AI suite including features like Filler Word Removal, Studio Sound, Draft Social Posts, Create Clips, and more, along with a use of 1,000 word AI Speech vocabulary.
  • Pro plan, priced at $24 per person per month (billed annually), provides 30 transcription hours per month, 4k watermark-free export, unlimited use of Basic and Advanced AI suite, and unlimited use of AI Speech.
  • All the plans offer different features concerning transcription hours, access to basic and advanced AI features, video export quality and usage of AI speech. Choosing a plan depends on the specific needs of the creators or the team.

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