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Snyk is a leading developer's security platform specially designed to boost productivity by revamping your application security. Used by millions of developers around the world, it allows users to quickly identify and fix vulnerabilities, secure the development lifecycle, and reduce application risk. Snyk supports rescanning during development using top-tier security intelligence, and provides actionable advice for fixes within your tools, empowering you to secure your code as it’s written. It offers support for numerous languages and a smooth integration with your tools, pipelines and workflows.

The key feature of Snyk is its unparalleled accuracy powered by a hybrid AI model that amalgamates symbolic and generative AI, multiple machine learning methods, and Snyk’s security expertise. This robust technology ensures precise security scanning, avoiding "false positives". Additionally, Snyk offers an all-encompassing application discovery feature, tailored security controls, and risk-based prioritization, enabling a reduction of application risk at scale.

Snyk has seamless integration capabilities with frequently used development tools, making it a walk in the park for developers to merge it into their application building process. It also comes with a range of plans suited for developers and security teams of all levels, with prices starting at $25 per month. This includes unlimited tests per product, broad language coverage, base image recommendations, automated fixes, and much more.

With its unmatched features and dedication to enhancing the security process, Snyk establishes itself as a reputable and reliable platform, recommended by more than 85% of developers due to its user-friendliness and the significant amount of time it saves them during the development process.


  • Reduced App Risk at Scale: Using Snyk, you can minimize application risk across your business, enhancing productivity and securing your entire development lifecycle.
  • Hybrid AI Accuracy: Snyk's hybrid AI provides unparalleled accuracy, integrating multiple machine learning methods and security expertise to ensure maximum precision.
  • Risk-based Security: Snyk offers risk-based security across your enterprise, prioritizing vulnerabilities based on their potential impact.
  • Developer-first Approach: With millions of developers trusting Snyk, the platform is easy to use and saves considerable development time.
  • Seamless Integration: Snyk easily integrates with your existing tools, pipelines, and workflows, thereby providing continuous monitoring for vulnerabilities and offering actionable fix advise within your tools.
  • Secure Your Code: With Snyk Code, secure your code as it's written. Snyk Open Source helps to avoid vulnerable dependencies while Snyk Container ensures your base images remain secure.
  • Affordable Pricing Plans: Snyk offers a wide range of plans to suit developers and security teams of all sizes and levels, ranging from individual developers to large enterprise organizations.


  • Snyk offers a Free, Team and Enterprise plans tailored to meet individual developers, small teams, and complex enterprise organizations' needs.
  • The Free version is free forever and permits unlimited contributing developers with limited tests per product.
  • The Team plan starts at $25 per month/product and offers unlimited open-source tests, 100 code tests, 300 IaC tests, and 100 container tests per month with a limit of 5, up to 10, contributing developers. This version also provides standard integrations, such as Open Source License Compliance and Jira integration.
  • The Enterprise plan offers a customizable number of contributing developers with unlimited tests and additional premium features like rich API, custom user roles, security policy management, application asset discovery, and risk-based prioritization. Exact pricing details can be obtained by contacting sales.
  • Snyk also offers Snyk AppRisk Pro as an add-on purchase to the Enterprise plan; this assists in building, managing, and scaling your application security program.
  • For each of the plans, Snyk allows tests throughout the SDLC, dependency monitoring, dev-first fix examples in the IDE by the Deepcode AI Engine, scanning in real-time, and automated fixes in the IDE with Deepcode AI Fix.

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