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Elicit is designed to analyze research papers at superhuman speed, providing researchers with tools to streamlines their academic study. Capable of sifting through more than 125 million academic papers from the Semantic Scholar corpus, Elicit is a robust tool that researchers can use to identify themes and concepts across a multitude of papers. The application also provides options for users to upload their own PDFs for enhanced research capabilities.

Elicit's unique features include the ability to extract key details from texts into organized tables, generate one-sentence abstract summaries, view sources for every answer, and even pose questions to the academic papers themselves. The tool is specifically designed to accommodate empirical domains such as biomedicine and machine learning, due to their tendency to involve concrete experiments and results.

Having been trusted by over 2 million researchers around the world, Elicit is compatible with a variety of integration tools, complementing existing research workflows. Elicit offers different subscription plans, including a free Basic plan with limited access to features, and the Plus plan starting at $10 per month; providing users with additional features and up to 12000 monthly credits. Elicit Plus subscription also covers the cost of running apps within the platform.

With a commitment to enhancing the research experience, Elicit combines advanced features with user-friendly navigation, making the intricacies of academic research more accessible to students and professionals alike.


  • Superhuman Speed Analysis: Analyze research papers at an impressive speed, saving your time and allowing you to do and think more.
  • Theme and Concept Extraction: Helps you find themes and concepts across multiple research papers, easing your research process.
  • Detail Extraction into Organized Tables: Extract critical details from the research papers and present them into well-organized tables for clear understanding and reference.
  • Custom PDF Uploads:Upload your own PDFs for detailed analysis and summarization.
  • One-line Summary: Get concise one-sentence abstract summaries of complex research papers for a quick overview.
  • Question-based Interaction: Ask questions to papers and get specific answers, enhancing your interaction with the research materials.
  • Affordable Pricing: Pick a plan that's right for you with basic, plus and enterprise options. Affordable options for individuals and custom pricing for institutions available.
  • Over 2 Million Users: Join the community of over 2 million researchers who have made their research process easier with Elicit.
  • Accurate Information: Approximately 90% of the information provided by Elicit is accurate, making it a reliable tool for your research.
  • User Support: Reach out to the team anytime via email or Slack community for any feedback, queries, or issues.
  • Specific Task Training Models: Benefit from models trained specifically to assist you with specific tasks during your academic research.


  • Elicit offers a Basic plan which is free of cost and includes all basic features to help your research.
  • For advanced features and more usage, the Elicit Plus plan is available at $10 per month, if billed annually, and $12 per month, if billed monthly. The Plus plan includes a set of advanced features as well as monthly credits (up to 12,000 a month). Unused credits do not roll over to the next month and are non-transferable.
  • For enterprises and institutions seeking custom solutions, Elicit offers custom pricing plans that can be tailored to specific needs and requirements.

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