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Eightfold- Features, Pricing & Use Cases

Eightfold introduces a remarkable platform powered by advanced AI that revolutionizes talent management processes to achieve unprecedented results. Adopted by globally renowned organizations, Eightfold's Talent Intelligence platform transforms the way human resources are managed, utilizing insights from global talent data sets. Eightfold's novelty lies in its deep-learning AI capabilities that deliver precise insights when they are most needed, assisting individuals and companies in discovering and maximizing potential. The AI also guides the task of staffing projects with a skills-based methodology, streamlining the process and ensuring the right skills are matched with the right projects. Eightfold's talent management solutions include Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Talent Flex, and Workforce Exchange, all designed to provide a comprehensive approach to human resources practices. Moreover, Eightfold's platform seamlessly integrates with frequently used HR tools, supporting businesses at every step of their talent management journey. From driving internal job matching with learning and development opportunities to building a robust network of contingent workers, Eightfold's offerings are all-encompassing. Eightfold's exceptional offering comes with a promise of responsible and ethical AI usage, incorporating insights from over 1 billion career trajectories and 1 million skills worldwide for a truly global perspective on talent and skills. Pricing information is available on request. Committed to transforming the world of HR with AI, Eightfold's Talent Intelligence Platform is trusted by organizations worldwide who appreciate the benefits of a data-driven, AI-enhanced approach to human resources.


  • The Talent Intelligence Platform: Powered by AI. Through this platform, you can achieve greater results with all things related to talent management such as acquisition, internal placements, skills-based work allocation, and more.
  • Ready For Greatness: Transforms your talent process with AI, helping you go beyond simply reviewing resumes and setting up a system for success.
  • Single AI Platform: All talent management aspects are handled through one consistent interface, making the process streamlined and efficient.
  • Responsible AI and Compliance: We are committed to responsible and ethical use of AI, fulfilling all necessary regulation and compliance requirements.
  • Skills-Based Approach: Through our system, you can take a skills-based approach to project staffing, allowing for more accurate placements and higher productivity.
  • Transformation through AI: Hear from Chano Fernandez, Co-CEO at Eightfold AI, about how AI is transforming HR and opening up a new chapter.
  • Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Our system assists in supporting and furthering DEI goals, creating a more inclusive and fair workplace environment.
  • Customer Success Stories: Learn from organizations like the Department of Defense, NTT Data, and Ernst & Young about how they've used our platform to enhance their recruitment, addressing skill gaps, and making skills-based work a reality.


  • Eightfold does not offer a Free version of their AI-powered talent intelligence platform. Information about specific services and features will be disclosed upon request.
  • Eightfold's Premium version provides a comprehensive and robust HR solution that leverages deep-learning AI technology to optimise talent acquisition, management, and workforce planning.
  • Premium pricing information is available on request as it may vary based on the specific needs and requirements of the client. It is advisable to contact Eightfold's sales team for the most accurate pricing details.
  • Additional premium features may include customized solutions and dedicated support to ensure optimal usage and integration of the Eightfold platform within the client's HR processes. Again, more specific details will be provided by the company upon request.
Last Updated
July 5, 2024 17:07

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