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Consensus is an AI-powered search engine designed specifically for academic research. It is utilized by over a million users globally, including researchers at the world's top institutes. With the capability to search through over 200 million research papers across every domain of science and academia, Consensus offers unparalleled access to academic literature. Furthermore, its proprietary academic search tools and filters ensure that users find the very best science associated with their queries.

The unique advantage of Consensus lies in its advanced features. For example, the Copilot and Consensus Meter features offer rapid insight generation by leveraging both OpenAI and custom language learning models (LLMs). Additionally, every source cited is only a click away from the underlying research paper; this commitment to transparency makes Consensus a trusted tool in academia. Its key offerings also include evidence-based insights and related suggested searches to help users better understand connected fields.

Consensus provides seamless integrations with common academic tools and offers customizable solutions, making research faster and more efficient. The affordability of its plans, which start from $8.99 per month, coupled with discounts for students and access to intuitive research features upon upgrade, make this tool even more desirable. The enterprise plan also offers vast discounts for universities and large organizations, along with dedicated support and seamless integration with their research libraries.

In its mission to expedite academic research, Consensus is an invaluable tool for researchers, students, doctors, and professionals. It promotes a more nuanced understanding of diverse scientific topics and is recognized globally as the ultimate search engine for science.


  • AI Search Engine for Research: Consensus uses AI to help you conduct faster research. The results are directly connected to scientific papers, making your search more efficient and reliable.
  • Consensus Academic Features: Consensus has purpose-built academic & vector search functionality that utilizes important factors such as study design, sample size, population details and more to rank the best research higher.
  • Proprietary Academic Search Tools & Filters: With our proprietary academic search tools & filters, users can locate the most helpful papers and digest their insights faster.
  • Usage by Research Institutions & Individuals: Used by researchers, students, doctors, professionals, and evidence-based individuals at over 5,000 worldwide universities and Top institutes.
  • Consensus VS ChatGPT: While ChatGPT predicts the most likely language that should follow, Consensus helps you in finding and understanding the best science faster.
  • Citability: With Consensus, every source is cited and you're always only a click away from the underlying research paper.
  • Affordable Premium Plans: Consensus offers affordable plans for users that unlock features making reviewing research literature easier. It also helps organize search results and efficiently manages citations.


  • Consensus offers a range of subscription plans - the Free Version offers Unlimited Searches, Unlimited Research Quality Indicators, Unlimited AI-Powered Filters, with limited access to GPT-4 summaries, Consensus Meter, Study Snapshot, and Copilot.
  • The most popular Premium plan, at $8.99/mo, offers everything in the Free version, plus Unlimited GPT-4 Summaries, Unlimited Access to Consensus Meter, Study Snapshot and Copilot, and Unlimited Bookmarks and Lists along with more features and updates regularly added.
  • For small teams and research organizations, the Teams Plan is available at $9.99 per seat/mo and includes everything in the Premium plan plus added benefits such as Discounts Up to 200 Seats, Centralized Billing and API Access coming soon.
  • A Custom Enterprise Plan is also available for universities and large organizations and includes Massive Discounts, Integration with Research Library, User Management for thousands of users and Dedicated Support. Students also enjoy a 40% Discount with a current and verified .edu or .ac email address.

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