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Dream Studio- Features, Pricing & Use Cases

DreamStudio, by Stability.ai, brings limitless creative possibilities with its AI-driven image generation tool, empowering creators to bring their dreams to life with ease. Trusted by a vibrant community worldwide, DreamStudio allows users to create art, photographs, and illustrations in any imaginable style. It offers unique features such as the StableDiffusion model, text to image conversion, image to image transformations, and a variety of styles and variations. These capabilities encourage users to explore the boundaries of their imagination and find creative fulfillment.

The unique value of DreamStudio lies in its advanced image editing tools. With features like multi-image canvas and AI-powered inpainting and outpainting, users can replace, add, and edit elements within their images seamlessly. Early adopters also enjoy access to the latest models and features, offering them an edge in their creative endeavors.

DreamStudio integrates smoothly into the creators' workflow. It offers a user guide, a diligent support system, and the flexibility to keep track of all creations. Whether you are trying to enhance the resolution of your imagery, remove elements from your image, or add layers to your creative workflow, DreamStudio makes it all possible in a few easy steps.

With accessible pricing models and an unwavering commitment to fostering creativity, DreamStudio is a reliable and cherished tool for artists, creators, and dreamers worldwide. Its provision to buy credits as per users' requirements advocates its commitment to flexibility and user satisfaction. DreamStudio promises an exciting journey of creative exploration and is an invaluable tool in the hands of an artist.


  • Expand Your Imagination: DreamStudio allows creators to generate images beyond what is possible, promoting the growth of creativity and imagination.
  • Effortless Image Generation: Allowing artists to create art, photographs, and illustrations in any style imaginable with little to no effort.
  • Early Access: Users can gain early access to SDXL 1.0 and be the first to try out the newest features.
  • Multiple Features: Work across multiple images at once with our improved canvas, and replace, add, and edit elements within your images.
  • Exclusive Stable Diffusion Models: Exclusive access to our latest and greatest StableDiffusion model and explore the realms of your imagination with generate mode.
  • DS Edit: A powerful new way to expand, add and remove items from your images and artworks is offered by the DS Editor.
  • Enhancements: Enhance and upscale the resolutions of your imagery in seconds and make use of layers to add more depth to your works.
  • Ownership: All images generated via DreamStudio are owned by you, offering users freedom of their creative endeavors.


  • Using the DreamStudio platform is paid per-image by purchasing credits, there is no current option for a monthly subscription. However, changes to this pricing model may occur in the future.
  • There is currently no expiration for any purchased credits, and users may buy additional ones as needed at any time.
  • If DreamStudio decides to create an auto-renewable subscription, it will be announced to all users on the website and provide all the necessary details.
  • To purchase additional credits, you need click on your profile picture, go to My Account, and then opt to Purchase Credits. A credit card will be required to complete the purchase.

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