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Instapage is a cutting-edge landing page builder, offering limitless opportunities for generating and optimizing conversions. As an award-winning platform and beloved by customers across the globe, Instapage ensures simplicity in achieving your unique business goals. The platform is equipped with innovative features such as Personalization, Experimentation, AdMap®, Collaboration, Page Speed, and many others, all designed to maximize your advertisement click conversions.

Instapage stands out due to its user-friendly interface and diverse features that are tailored to user preferences. The new AI Content Generator can instantly produce headlines, paragraphs, CTAs, and more for your landing pages. Features like Real-Time Visual Collaboration, Instablocks®, and Scheduling allow users to streamline their landing page review, approval, and launch processes with substantial ease.

Integration is made easy with Instapage, connecting seamlessly with popular apps such as Zapier to automate your work across 120+ other advertising, CRM, email, e-commerce, marketing, and sales solutions. Instapage is adaptable and flexible, with pricing tailored to your unique goals and business needs. Two of their prominent plans start from $199/mo, the feature-packed "BUILD" plan and the customizable "CONVERT" plan, both aimed at conversion optimization and lead generation.

Instapage is committed to high performance, providing exceptionally fast landing page load speeds, protection for your landing pages from spam and abuse, and compliance with GDPR requirements for secure data processing. With a 99.9% uptime and reliability guarantee, Instapage is a reliable and efficient tool trusted by businesses worldwide for turning more ad clicks into conversions.


  • Landing Page Builder: Instapage offers a simple landing page builder that allows anyone to design and launch professional landing pages without requiring developer assistance.
  • AI Content Generator: The newly released feature that instantly generates content for your landing pages including headlines, paragraphs, and CTAs, increasing your productivity and efficiency.
  • Server-Side A/B Testing: Unlike other testing platforms, Instapage enables you to run split tests without any page load delay, optimizing your conversions effectively.
  • AdMap®: This feature lets you visualize your ad campaigns and connect ads to relevant post-click landing pages, improving PPC performance.
  • High Levels of Security: Instapage ensures top-notch security by automatically creating an encrypted link between server and browser, adhering to GDPR requirements, and simplifying the process of handling passwords.
  • Zapier Integration: Instapage can be integrated with hundreds of apps via Zapier, enabling automation of your work processes.
  • Heat Map & AI Experiments: These features allow you to visualize visitor behavior and run autonomous landing page tests, delivering faster insights for conversion rate optimization.
  • Custom Pricing Plans & Exclusive Services: Create a plan tailored to your business needs, access a customer success manager, conversion consulting, design services, and more for better results.


  • Instapage offers a basic plan known as the "Build" plan priced at $199/month when billed monthly. Save 20% if paid annually. The Build plan includes the #1 Landing page builder, No Conversion Limits, Server-Side A/B Testing, AI Content, Unlimited Triggered Popups, Real-Time Visual Collaboration, Instablocks®, Scheduling, AMP Pages & Experiences, Thor Render Engine®, AdMap®, Dynamic Text Replacement, SSL Encryption, GDPR Compliance, Google Single Sign-On (SSO), Zapier Integration, HubSpot Integration, Salesforce Integration, Marketo Integration, Multi-Step Forms, Invisible reCAPTCHA, and a standard usage package.
  • For more tailored needs, Instapage offers "Convert", a customized plan based on your unique goals and business needs. The Convert plan includes everything in the Build plan plus AI Experiments, Editable Global Blocks, Ad-to-Page Personalization, Heat map, Workspace Scripts, Custom Fonts, SSO (Single Sign-On), Direct Lead-Bypass, Audit Logs, Bulk Lead Downloads, Guaranteed Uptime-Converting SLA, Page Migration Services, Dedicated Launch Specialist, Custom Feature Implementation, Custom Integrations, Conversion Consulting, Design Services, and a Customer Success Manager.
  • The cost of the Convert plan is customized as per the business needs and requires getting a demo for pricing details.
  • Enterprise-grade security with 99.9% uptime and reliability is guaranteed in both plans. A 14-day free trial is also offered to test the platform and its features.

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