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Scholarcy is an AI-powered tool designed to simplify and streamline academic research. By summarizing any text or article, this tool enables students and researchers to critically evaluate complex texts more efficiently and keep track of significant points. It synthesizes insights and allows users to export them to other apps, making it easier to apply the knowledge gained. The tool also assists in organizing the resources, helping you never lose another paper, and keeping track of essential details.

Scholarcy’s unique feature Spotlight enables users to jump to key findings, making it easier to understand complex research. Users can highlight, annotate, and take notes, exploring new concepts and terms as they progress. The tool also allows saving summaries and exporting them in various formats. The inbuilt bibliography generator saves time and ensures every citation is accurate and formatted correctly.

Scholarcy also integrates effortlessly with Zotero. Its versatile features and compatibility with other research tools make it an efficient solution for academic research. Apart from its free version, Scholarcy offers a premium plan starting at $7.99 per month, offering additional features like exporting up to 100 flashcards at once, literature matrix creation, and one-click bibliographies.

Used by over 500,000 people worldwide, Scholarcy is transforming the research workflow, simplifying knowledge, and saving valuable time for students, researchers, and academic institutions.


  • AI-Powered Academic Tool: Scholarcy uses AI to simplify complicated research, summarize any paper, article or textbook, aids in critical evaluation of complex texts, organising knowledge and synthesizing insights.
  • Versatile File Import: Accepts any file type from anywhere. Browse articles online or upload downloaded chapters, PDFs and Word docs directly into Scholarcy.
  • Enhance and Analyze: Change the summary to match your reading style from a single sentence to a researcher level overview. With smart highlighting and analyzing features, which guide you to important sections of text and help you interpret them.
  • Flashcards and Notes: Convert complex texts into interactive summary flashcards that highlight key information for better structure and knowledge retention. Add notes while you read to record inspirations, observations or references.
  • Organize and Memorize: Scholarcy serves as a perfect tool for saving and organising your academic reading. Quickly refresh your memory on the key facts and findings before a lecture or meeting with your supervisor.
  • Export, Import and Bibliographies: Successfully export flashcards to a multitude of different file formats that are compatible with various research and productivity apps. Import directly from Zotero, or generate a one-click, fully formatted bibliography in Word.
  • Affordable Plans: Offers a variety of plans tailored to individual needs from free browser extensions, a personal library plan, academic institution license to commercial API, providing access to a range of premium features.


  • Scholarcy offers a free version with features like free download from the Chrome or Edge store, creation of summary cards from small to medium-sized documents, and integration with Scholarcy library.
  • Personal Library plan priced at $7.99 per month allows users to build collections of summary flashcards from various files and web articles, read and annotate on any device, import from multiple sources, share with colleagues, and export to other formats and reference managers.
  • Academic Institution License is available at $8000 plus, providing unlimited access to all Scholarcy Library features for an entire organization with an annual subscription based on FTE and additional support for power users.
  • The Commercial API plan starts from $225 plus per month providing a range of features depending on the specific plan chosen like integration, growth, dedicated server/cluster, and a custom on-premises option.

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