Features, Pricing & Use Cases is a comprehensive AI Creative Toolkit used globally, empowering over 5 million image generations each week. Equipped with a suite of cutting-edge tools, opens the doors to endless creative workflows for generating original images, adding motion to them, doctoring them, or even creating an entirely different look using only text.'s robust Text to Image tool, AI image editor, image-to-video tool, and quick AI Generator offer a powerful avenue for creators to reimagine and repurpose image content.

What sets apart is its unique and upcoming features that offer customization based on user preference. The AI Canvas provides an infinite workspace, allowing creators to generate stunning art pieces and prototypes with rapid speed. Concurrently, features like Real-Time Text-to-Image tool, Outpainting, Image Inpainting, and DreamBooth help users expand image borders, modify details, and create avatars and product shots effortlessly. All of these tools are easily integrated into your workflow through a flexible API. offers a variety of packages to suit user needs, both free and premium. The premium plan, which starts at $12 USD per month, comes with several added benefits such as unlimited use of image generation tools, access to ControlNet, and the ability to unlock commercial usage rights. A top-up option is also available for purchasing additional credits.

With an advanced AI behind each tool, provides a streamlined, affordable, and fast solution for creating, editing and transforming images, making it a preferred choice for creators across the globe.


  • AI Creative Toolkit: Combines revolutionary AI to create and edit images with text, empowering over 5 million image generations weekly. It offers endless creative workflows and the ability to generate original images at scale, and add motion to images.
  • Fast Image Generation: Experience lightning-fast image generation, allowing you to quickly expand pictures beyond their borders and edit images using only text instructions.
  • Customer AI Model Creation: Create your custom AI model, guiding AI using your own images for a personalized touch. You also have the flexibility to integrate the AI within your system using simple and flexible API.
  • Innovative AI Tools: Tools like Image Editor, AI Canvas, and Real-Time allow for fast and easy image editing and generate exciting result with AI superpowers. Not only this, but you can also transform your images into captivating 4-second video clips with Image to Video tool.
  • Train Custom AI Models: Customize AI models to create anything from avatars to product shots, opening unlimited creative possibilities on an infinite canvas workspace.
  • ControlNet and API: Control AI image generation with the source images and different ControlNet models, or edit images with the latest Stable Diffusion based models using easy-to-use REST API.
  • Affordable Plans: Choose the best plan suited for your needs with flexible options. Images generated under these plans can be used commercially, adhering to the CreativeML Open RAIL-M license. Unused credits can be topped up or used in the next month and payment options include all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.


  • The free plan of offers AI tools to create and edit images with text. Users can generate images, add motion to images, expand pictures beyond their borders, and edit images with just text.
  • The paid plans provide additional features like generating original images at scale, creating custom AI model, guiding AI using own images, unlimited creative possibilities on canvas workspace, creating amazing images from the text, and transforming images into captivating 4-second video clips.
  • Paid plans come in different options for suitability, flexibility and convenience of the users: standard at $12/month, premium at $29/month, and professional at $49/month. The yearly subscription offers a significant discount, priced at $0/month, $120/year, $288/year, and $480/year respectively.
  • The paid plans also include the following features: fast and easy image editing with various AI pipelines and utilities, real-time image generation, AI model customization, and simple and flexible API integration. However, API access is separate from the subscription plans. Extra credits can be purchased for topping up the plans and these credits do not expire.

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