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Seventh Sense is an AI-driven email marketing optimization platform that aims to enhance the performance and engagement rate of your email campaigns. Catering to millions globally, Seventh Sense works by customizing email delivery times and increasing personal engagement for each recipient. The platform is designed for seamless integration with HubSpot and Marketo, further enhancing their email strategies with improved reporting capabilities.

What sets Seventh Sense apart is the power of its artificial intelligence. Tools like the 'Send Time' personalization system ensure each email is delivered at the peak engagement time of each recipient. The 'Email Throttling' system increases deliverability and allows campaign management to balance system loads. Also, the platform provides an 'Email Frequency Optimization' tool to establish the best contact frequency based on customer engagement.

Seventh Sense also offers seamless integration with popular email marketing platforms such as HubSpot and Marketo. This ease of integration helps users to wield the power of Seventh Sense without disrupting their existing workflows. The platform also provides advanced dashboards for deeper insight into recipient behaviour and overall email campaign performance. Seventh Sense offers pricing plans starting from $80 per month, and these include unlimited usage and advanced analytics.

With its advanced AI features and dedication to enhancing email marketing strategies, Seventh Sense provides an affordable and reliable solution for optimizing the success rate of your email campaigns.


  • AI-Powered Email Delivery Optimization: Seventh Sense uses AI to optimize the most suitable time for email delivery and automatically segments customers based on their engagement preferences to balance the email frequency.
  • Enhanced Engagement and Deliverability: By ensuring emails are sent at an optimized time, it increases engagement rates which eventually results in an improved sender reputation and higher conversion rates.
  • Seamless Integration with HubSpot and Marketo: Designed to work specifically with HubSpot and Marketo, it delivers smooth integration while providing advanced dashboards for deeper insights.
  • Support and Services: Offers a range of support options, a wealth of resources, and personalized onboarding for enterprise plans to enhance your email marketing strategies.
  • ROI Calculation and Improved Results: Use Seventh Sense's calculator to compute the financial return from your email marketing and experience significant increases in email engagement.
  • Customized Email Delivery: Each email is tailored to the recipient's engagement patterns, which results in better overall performance.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans: Offers plans designed to work with HubSpot Pro and Enterprise Marketing Subscriptions, with options starting at 5,000 contacts.


  • Seventh Sense's Business Plan includes 5,000 Marketing Contacts at a cost of $80/month, billed annually. Additional marketing contacts are sold in increments of 5,000.
  • Their Enterprise Plan begins with a minimum of 150,000 contacts, and pricing is customized based on needs, billed annually.
  • Both plans provide unlimited usage, nurture and batch email campaigns, email throttling, advanced analytics, lookalike audience scheduling, and more. The Enterprise Plan offers additional features like personalized onboarding, single sign-on availability, and custom SLAs.

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