Superflows AI

Superflows AI is a chat interface software designed to help users get answers and take actions through chat. The user interface primarily consists of a chat box and an integrated command center that aids in controlling the product's features. It has 'Actions' feature, which allow users to easily generate queries pertaining to the software functioning. It also provides a simple setup that requires just three steps: Upload API Spec, Test in Playground and Integrate.

The unique selling point of Superflows AI is its speedy deployment. The AI assistant can be up and running in just one day, making it an efficient solution for those requiring instant customer interaction platform. For seamless operations, the platform integrates with GitHub for continuous updates on new features and releases.


  • Actions: Enables users to execute product-related commands.
  • AI User Assistance: Helps users better navigate and understand the product via an AI-assisted chat support.
  • Superflows: Provides a direct channel of communication with a product expert.


  • Hobby (Free): Best for individuals exploring the utility of an AI chat assistant.
  • Growth ($100/Month): Ideal for Growing businesses with increasing customer interactions.
  • Scale ($1500/Month): For large-scale businesses with extensive support demands.
  • Enterprise: Customized plans for businesses with specific demands and work environments.

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