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Superflows AI operates as an AI copilot for SaaS products, introducing powerful user interface components, and enabling users to perform tasks and get answers via a chat interface. Designed for product teams, Superflows is an open-source solution that integrates with an API, enabling quick actions and simplified setup. The three-step setup process involves uploading the API Spec and Docs, testing in the playground, and integrating Superflows into your code base.

At Superflows, the user experience is paramount. A unique feature of this tool is its CRM copilot, which allows users to get information and complete tasks by typing in a chat box. This greatly eases the learning curve and enhances user engagement, leading to more activated users who stick around and close deals through your CRM product. The Superflows AI can also adapt to various user commands in chat, further enhancing its usability.

Naturally designed for product teams, Superflows AI has a strong reputation with its users, including testimonials from CEOs stating its effectiveness in resolving customer problems, even those non-technical teams had trouble addressing. The dashboard is a control center that makes setting up your product assistant easy and intuitive.

Superflows AI offers multiple pricing tiers including free, growth, scale, and an enterprise option, all designed to fit different business needs. The pricing plans vary by supporting features like the number of Chat-to-API and Chat-to-Docs queries, and the level of support provided. For businesses with larger query requirements, Superflows AI provides an Enterprise solution to cater to those specific needs.

With Superflows AI integration, users will always have access to a product expert by their side. The software offers an efficient solution for SaaS products, powering their user experience and offering an invariably improved user experience across different processes.


  • Actions: Enables users to execute product-related commands and perform tasks via chat.
  • AI User Assistance: Helps users better navigate and understand the product with their AI copilot that provides answers and assistance directly in the chat user interface.
  • Quick Actions: Supports user interaction with quick action features, providing a better user experience where users can just type in commands to get information and tasks done.
  • Superflows: Provides a direct channel of communication with a product expert, always ensuring users get the most from your software.
  • Upload, Test, Integrate: Allows product teams to upload API specifications and docs, test in playground, and integrate into their own codebase with simplified setup.
  • CRM Integration: Offers an improved experience for CRM users, lowering learning curve by allowing interaction and task completion via typing commands in chat.
  • Open Source: Enables collaboration and improvements with its open source nature, available on GitHub for community inputs and suggestion on new features.
  • Chat UI: Enhance user interface components with Superflows integrated chat-ui facility.


    • Testing (Free): This free plan offers 50 queries in the testing playground, a setting to set API endpoints assistant can access, connection to your API in the playground, and provides community support.
    • Growth ($199/Month): This plan includes all free features along with 1500 Chat-to-API queries*, 30,000 Chat-to-Docs queries, unlimited testing in the playground, and priority email support.
    • Scale ($999/Month): Along with all features of the Growth plan, this plan offers 10,000 Chat-to-API queries*, 200,000 Chat-to-Docs queries, and a live setup consultation with the founders.
    • Enterprise: This plan offers more than 10,000 Chat-to-API or 200,000 Chat-to-Docs queries. Interested businesses can get in touch for pricing and other information.

    * 'Chat-to-API query' is a message sent to the chat interface by a user that triggers a query to your API.

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