ZAPT is an AI-powered application development tool designed to help users build, deploy and monetize conversational interfaces. Its user interface is straightforward and intuitive; users can create chatbot applications utilizing AI technology through an easy-to-navigate platform. The tool provides a variety of powerful features including a straightforward app builder, a comprehensive app store, and monetization options.

In addition, ZAPT allows users to install progressive web apps (PWAs) directly on their device home screens for instantaneous and uncomplicated access. Another significant feature is the potential for recurring income; creators can set up a monthly subscription fee for the chatbot apps they build.

Integration with other software is currently not mentioned. ZAPT is primarily suited for developers, creatives, and entrepreneurs looking to simplify app creation and monetization processes, enabling the creation of dynamic, AI-powered chat interfaces without extensive coding or technical knowledge.


  • AI-Powered App Builder: Allows users to easily create interactive and engaging chatbot apps
  • Comprehensive App Store: Users can discover and use numerous apps created by other ZAPT users
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs): Users have the ability to install PWAs directly onto their device home screens
  • Monetization Options: Ability for creators to generate income by setting up a monthly subscription fee for their apps


  • Please contact ZAPT directly for detailed pricing information.

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