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ZAPT is a leading AI-powered application development platform that enables businesses to optimize processes, boost productivity, and accelerate growth — with zero coding required. ZAPT leverages the power of Generative AI to create tailor-made AI apps optimizing businesses' specific needs, providing an innovative solution to traditional manual, error-prone processes of AI app creation.

The tool offers an easy and user-friendly way to create AI apps, transforming the way organisations operate. ZAPT's AI-powered promises to democratise AI access, ensuring that everyone in the organisation can utilize its benefits and drive consistent results.

It simplifies the process further by storing and inserting conversation prompts within reusable AI apps, making sharing and reusing prompts for Generative AI models across teams a seamless process. Users simply have to describe their AI app idea, and ZAPT's AI platform automates the rest.

ZAPT is also versatile and practical, usable across various industries, including Customer Support, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and Construction. It even features pre-built AI Apps, including a customer service training simulator app, that trains representatives by simulating diverse customer interactions, scenarios, and offering improvement feedback.

There are several pricing plans according to different needs and use cases: Free Plan ($0/month) for creating your first app, Pro Plan ($8/month) for unlimited app creation, Team Plan ($40/month per user) to limit app sharing to selected users, and API Plan ($200/month per app) for accessing your apps via API. Most notably, ZAPT provides a free plan for those just getting started, making it highly accessible and risk-free for beginners.

ZAPT's transformational technology receives positive reviews from diverse user backgrounds like education professionals, project managers, and engineers, thus making ZAPT a highly recommended tool for anyone looking to leverage AI in their day-to-day operations.


    • AI-Powered App Builder: Empowers users to seamlessly create AI Apps to optimize processes and boost productivity with no need for code.
    • Intelligent AI Solution: ZAPT's core AI build platforms tailored to the specific needs of your business.
    • Democratized AI Access: Allows everyone in your organization to leverage the power of Generative AI through user-friendly apps.
    • Efficient App Prompt Management: Simplifies the process of sharing and reusing conversation prompts for generative AI models across teams by storing these within easily accessible AI Apps.
    • Pre-Built AI Apps: Users can explore a variety of pre-built AI apps across multiple industries, created by simply describing the desired functionality to ZAPT.
    • Customer Service Training Simulator: An AI app that trains representatives by simulating customer interactions and providing feedback for improvement.
    • AI-Powered Platform: Describe your AI app idea, and let ZAPT's AI-powered platform handle the rest.
    • Consulting Service: Dedicated consulting service to partner on your journey to innovation using AI.
    • Flexible Payment Plans: ZAPT offers various plans for users from the free plan for beginners to the API Access for $200/month allowing you to access your apps via API.
    • Comprehensive App Store: Discover a myriad of apps created by other users, enhancing the applicability and usability of ZAPT.
    • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs): Install PWAs directly onto the device home screens for effortless access.
    • Monetization Options: Creators can generate income by setting up a monthly subscription fee for their apps, creating a revenue stream.


    • Free Plan
      • $0/month
      • For getting started with your first app
    • Pro Plan
      • $8/month
      • For creating as many apps as you want
    • Team Plan
      • $40/month per user
      • Everything in Pro plus the capability to limit app sharing to selected users
    • API Access
      • $200/month per app
      • For accessing your apps via API

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