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vidIQ is a comprehensive tool designed to boost your YouTube views and help your channel grow. It offers a range of features including coaching, browser extension, and insights from leading creators. With vidIQ, you can receive free guidance and personalized recommendations to optimize your videos, titles, and descriptions for better visibility. |

The platform also provides real-time performance tracking, keyword research, and AI-powered features like the AI Description Generator and Daily Ideas to enhance your video creation process. Trusted by popular creators such as Marina Mogilko, The Spiffing Brit, and Jade Darmawangsa, vidIQ combines human expertise with artificial intelligence to empower video creators and maximize their potential.

You can sign up for free with your Google account and gain access to a suite of growth tools that will help you gain more views and subscribers. Join the millions of creators who have already benefited from vidIQ and take your YouTube channel to the next level.


  • Coaching: Get professional guidance from coaches to grow your YouTube channel.
  • Extension: Access vidIQ's browser extension for easy optimization and insights.
  • Brands: Trusted by leading creators like Marina Mogilko and The Spiffing Brit.
  • Pricing: Various pricing plans available (details below).
  • Blog: Stay updated with the latest trends and tips in the vidIQ blog.
  • Community: Join a community of creators and learn from each other's experiences.
  • Login: Sign up using your Google account or create a new account.

Technical Details:

  • Designed to boost your YouTube views and channel growth.
  • AI-powered features like the AI Description Generator and Daily Ideas.
  • Real-time performance tracking and comparison tools.
  • Keyword research and optimization recommendations.
  • View Prediction feature to forecast video performance.
  • Integration with YouTube analytics.

Pricing and Availability:

  • Various pricing plans available
  • Sign up for free to access basic features.
  • Premium plans with additional features and benefits.

Use Cases

Community Engagement

Connect with other creators, learn from their experiences, and collaborate within the vidIQ community.

AI-Powered Tools

Leverage AI-driven features like the AI Description Generator and Daily Ideas for personalized inspiration and improved video creation.

Real-time Performance Tracking

Stay informed about your channel's performance and compare it with competitors.

Video Optimization

Optimize your video titles, descriptions, and keywords to improve visibility and discoverability.

Boosting YouTube Views

Utilize vidIQ's insights and recommendations to increase your video views and subscribers.

Videos (Official, Reviews, How-To's)

Related Tools

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Shuffll is an AI-driven video creation studio that allows users to create high-quality videos for various use cases such as marketing, training, HR, and sales. Its AI technology helps users generate a personalized video in three simple steps - discover, generate, and record. Shuffll has worked with top companies such as Microsoft and Intel to create engaging video content.
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Pictory is an online video creation tool that allows users to easily and quickly create short branded videos from their long-form content. It is designed for individuals and businesses looking to save time and effort in video production. With Pictory, users can extract short clips, remove filler words, and transform blog posts into engaging videos. The tool uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically extract valuable content from Zoom, Teams, and webinar recordings. It also offers features such as turning scripts into sales videos, adding captions automatically, and summarizing long videos.
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Synthesia is an AI video creation platform that allows users to easily create high-quality videos from plain text in just a few minutes. With over 40,000 customers, Synthesia has become a popular alternative to traditional, expensive video creation processes. Some of the features of Synthesia include over 85 video avatars, support for 120+ languages, 55+ templates, and the ability to create custom avatars. Synthesia also includes a built-in screen recorder and media library, making it easy for users to incorporate existing content into their videos. One of the unique features of Synthesia is the ability to create virtual avatars of real actors and use them in your videos. This means that you don't need to worry about hiring actors, equipment, or studios, which can save both time and money. Users can create training videos, how-to videos, and marketing videos with Synthesia, and the platform includes 60+ fully customizable video templates to choose from. Synthesia also supports closed captions and includes AI voiceovers in over 120 languages and accents. With Synthesia, updating videos is easy and can be done in just a few minutes, without any prior video editing skills. The platform is web-based, so it can be accessed from any browser, and has an intuitive interface suitable for beginners. Synthesia is rated #1 on G2 and has been used to create over 4 million videos. The platform is affordable, with pricing starting at $30/month, and offers a free AI video creation option with no credit card required. Synthesia is SOC2 compliant, ensuring that your data is kept secure and protected. The company also has a robust help center, offering resources, how-to guides, and product updates to help users get the most out of the platform.

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