Luna AI

Luna AI is a LinkedIn Growth Tool designed to help users enhance their LinkedIn presence and boost growth on the platform. The platform is user-friendly, incorporating features for hook/post generation, scheduling, and analytics. Luna AI offers a unique AI hook/post generator which provides suggestions for catchy hooks and engaging post content based on proven templates. It allows users to plan and schedule their LinkedIn posts in advance to efficiently reach their target audience at peak engagement times. Luna AI also integrates with popular tools such as CRM for better data management.

The platform is designed for LinkedIn users aiming to expand their personal brand by leveraging AI capabilities to generate high-quality content. Its unique selling point is the comprehensive analytics suite, which provides valuable insights into LinkedIn performance, helping users to identify top-performing posts and refine their strategy accordingly.


  • AI Hook/post Generator: The AI tool generates catchy hooks and engaging post content, eliminating writer's block.
  • Scheduling: Users can plan and schedule LinkedIn posts in advance, ensuring consistency and optimal timing.
  • Analytics: Track metrics such as post engagement, profile views, and follower growth to understand the effectiveness of your content.


  • Starter Plan ($1/month): Designed for occasional prospecting, includes 75 email credits with $0.15 per extra, 1 credit = 1 valid email.
  • Micro Plan ($2/user/month): Created for growing sales teams, includes 250 email credits with $0.15 per extra, 1 credit = 1 valid email, and free scraping mode.
  • Pro Plan ($3/user/month): Best for frequent prospecting, includes 750 email credits with $0.15 per extra, free scraping mode, and queue unlimited jobs.
  • Growth Plan: Custom package to suit your needs, pricing details available upon request.

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