Upword is an AI-powered research assistant designed to help users manage, process, and create content more efficiently. The intuitive user interface allows users to swiftly conduct searches, compile answers to queries, analyze academic and market articles, and generate summaries.

The tool offers special features such as an intelligent highlighting system that automatically identifies key points in documents, an AI copilot ready to assist with any task, unlimited storage for your articles and documents, and collaboration capabilities for team-based projects. It allows users to process information 10x faster, ensuring maximum productivity.

The platform also integrates with most document formats and works seamlessly across devices, ensuring flexibility in document access and processing.

Upword is designed to be an excellent tool for researchers, students, and professionals who frequently deal with a large volume of information. Its unique AI-based algorithm ensures that users can easily find, summarize and utilize the most important information from their documents.


  • AI Highlighting: Can identify and highlight the most important information from a document.
  • Audio player: Allows users to listen to their documents.
  • Collaboration: Enables sharing of documents for team-based projects.
  • Unlimited Storage: Offers unlimited storage capacity for storing documents.
  • AI copilot: A smart AI assistant to help with tasks.


  • Monthly Plan ($15/Month): Provides full access to all features, designed for regular users.
  • Annual Plan ($12.50/Month) (paid annually): Offers a discounted rate for users willing to pay for a year up front, includes access to all features and 2 months free.
  • Both plans include a 7-day free trial.

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