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Upword is an AI-driven personal knowledge assistant designed to streamline your research, generate new content, and organize your digital world brilliantly. Aimed at enhancing productivity, this tool uses GPT-4 to skillfully manage and process a vast amount of information 10x faster.

Upword comes with an intuitive and dynamic workspace where you can immerse yourself in reading, learning, and synthesizing information. Powered by AI, the tool helps in summarizing YouTube videos, studying and highlighting academic articles, skimming through news and market reports, and processing professional papers. It supports several document formats and is equipped to provide executive summaries, a feature loved by knowledge workers, ranging from business professionals, researchers, students, to financial analysts.

Developed with a privacy-first approach, Upword offers advanced AI tools such as a personal chat and an AI copilot there to assist you with any task- be it brainstorming ideas, answering queries or generating document types like executive reports, blogs, and essays. A one-stop solution to power your research and offer personalized insights, Upword, gives you unlimited storage for managing all aspects of your life's knowledge, including a powerful AI search engine.

Upword blends brilliantly into your day-to-day life, becoming an essential part of you - an application available 24/7, providing a better and smarter version of yourself. Loved by users, it stands out for its seamless user interface and its ability to create streamlined and cohesive documents, thereby saving time and increasing efficiency. Their platform is a unique blend of technology and design that makes the reading and processing of documents an attractive and enjoyable experience.


    • Personalized AI Assistant: Provides user with a smart AI assistant for knowledge gathering and processing. Acts like a personalized ChatGPT for your comprehension tasks.
    • Advanced AI Tools: Facilitates deep learning and exploration for reading, learning, and synthesizing information.
    • AI Copilot: A smart assistant that is there to provide a quick response or a comprehensive overview. It can summarize information, capture notes, highlight or translate documents for you.
    • Content Management: Allows users to organize, refine, and manage their knowledge, along with a powerful AI search engine.
    • Document creation: Generate any type of document based on your summaries: Executive reports, essays, blogs and more.
    • Knowledge curation: Upword AI curates personalized insights and content for the users.
    • Privacy-first approach: Maintains privacy and trust while processing information.
    • Audio player: Lets users listen to executive summaries and YouTube video summaries.
    • Summarization: Leverage AI to process information 10x faster by summarizing reports, articles, and papers.
    • Collaboration: Facilitates sharing of documents and allows easy collaboration for team-based projects.
    • Unlimited Storage: Provides unlimited storage for all your content needs.
    • Suitable For Various Roles: Useful for all roles that involve processing large amounts of textual content including business professionals, students, financial analysts and researchers.
    • Increased Efficiency: Streamlines digital world by organizing information and empowering research.
    • Support: Offers a Help Center and email support function for users to have guidance on the platform.
    • Chrome Extension: Provides a on-browser tool to directly integrate with web content.


    • Monthly Plan ($15/Month): Provides full access to all features, designed for regular users.
    • Annual Plan ($12.50/Month) (paid annually): Offers a discounted rate for users willing to pay for a year up front, includes access to all features and 2 months free.
    • Both plans include a 7-day free trial.

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